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Northampton (Northamptonshire)
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Northamptonshire, NN1 3pz

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Course programme

What does CCTV Training Involve

Unit 1 - Roles & Responsibilities of a CCTV Operator

There are eight outcomes to this unit. Each individual will be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of Health & Safety in the workplace.

Demonstrate an understanding of emergency procedures, during and outside normal working hours.

Identify the roles and responsibilities of a CCTV team.

Demonstrate an understanding of codes of practice, operational procedures and guidelines in CCTV.

Demonstrate an understanding of how other non CCTV equipment operates within a CCTV control room.

Explain the different types of legislation which impact on CCTV operations.

Define different types of incidents and state how to deal with them.

Demonstrate an understanding of the operation of CCTV equipment.

Unit 2 - CCTV Surveillance Techniques

The main outcome for unit 2 of a CCTV Operator is to demonstrate surveillance techniques.
For example:

Carry out and correctly record functional checks;

Demonstrate how to detect and track a suspect on foot or in a vehicle and produce quality evidence for subsequent
investigations or prosecutions;

Use keypads and joysticks to operate cameras, monitors, computer systems and other associated equipment;

Demonstrate how to deploy cameras to view a suspect entering or leaving an area;

Demonstrate how to record and store images to ensure the integrity of evidence;

Demonstrate how to reproduce images for evidential purposes;

Demonstrate how to use cameras to search the outside of buildings, street and open spaces for suspected Improvised

Explosive Devices (IED) and the actions to follow if found


£ 200 + VAT