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Charities Advisory Trust


Back in 1979, courtesy of Home Office funding, Hilary Blume started the Charity Trading Advisory Group to provide impartial information on all aspects of trading and income generation for charities. As the Charities Advisory Trust, our name might have changed, but our objectives remain the same. Aims: dedicated to finding practical methods of redressing inequalities and injustice, our method is to unleash a charity's entrepreneurial impulses and curb its excesses. Evolution: our methods, on the other hand, have evolved considerably. We quickly moved from giving advice to setting frameworks in which charities could succeed. Innovation: we're wedded to the idea that nagging problems are best served by innovative, pragmatic solutions. Ethical: the generation of funds should never imperil an organization's ethical concerns. Policy: before we embark on any initiative, we consider the venture's viability and sustainability. Self-financing: the income we earn finances our activities. And surpluses are donated to charity. Effective: while we've pioneered many different ways of giving, we've also helped charities raise money more efficiently. Our Initiatives include Card Aid, Good Gifts, Green Hotel India, Development From The Inside, Peace Oil, Knit For Peace.

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Dame Hilary Blume
Dame Hilary Blume
Founder/Director of Charities Advisory Trust / Card Aid

Initiatives include Card Aid, Good Gifts, Green Hotel India, Knit For Peace, Peace Oil, Development From The Inside