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The CIW Website Design Manager status demonstrates a proven competence in web-related technologies. It will give you the skills the market demands and will equip you for the 'real-world' of implementing and maintaining hypertext-based Websites. It provides tangible evidence of a person's competency as an Internet Professional. It will appeal to those who aspire to be Webauthors, Website managers, Webmasters, Web-designers or those who need to acquire those skills as part of their job function.
Suitable for: Those individuals and professionals interested in learning about the CIW Internet Certification Programme. The CIW SkillsTrain course is specifically designed to assist those who wish to design, develop and administer Internet related services. Regardless of your current level of ability, this course will guide you safely through what is one of the most dynamic and fascinating subjects in the world of I.T.

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Course programme

CIW Internet skills certification offers industry-wide recognition of an individual's Internet and Web knowledge and skills and is increasingly a factor in job placement and career assignment decision making. It provides tangible evidence of a person's competency as an Internet Professional. It will appeal to those who aspire to be Webauthors, Website managers, Webmasters, Web-designers or those who need to acquire those skills as part of their job function.

Regardless of your current level of ability, this SkillsTrain course will guide you safely through this dynamic and fascinating subject. It will enable and equip you for the "real world" demands of implementing and maintaining hypertext-based Web sites using authoring and scripting languages, creating web content, using Web management tools and digital media tools as well as equipping you with the key principles of Web design.

CIW Certification

The objective is for you to become CIW certified. CIW certifications are internationally renowned and are endorsed by the International Webmasters Association (IWA) and the Association of Internet Professionals (AIP). In Europe, in addition, they are offered in Partnership with the Internet Certification Institute International (ICII). Holders of the CIW qualification demonstrate to potential employers, or business clients, that they have passed rigorous training and examination requirements that set them apart from non-certified competitors.

What is CIW?

CIW is a broad curriculum and certification program focusing on Internet-technology job skills. CIW offers eight education and certification paths covering skills from basic Internet design through advanced object-oriented analysis.

The CIW Advisory Council, a team of influential educators, policy makers and IT business people, identifies real-world skills needed to meet today's IT workplace demands. These skills become curriculum and exam objectives that candidates must master in order to earn certification.

Why is a CIW certificate holder beneficial?

Earning CIW certification indicates that an individual has the IT job skills required, so he or she is ready to put their skills to work. This can help reduce company's training costs and the likelihood of making an inappropriate choice. Plus, with so much business being conducted via the Internet, hiring CIW-certified individuals who understand the foundational principles of related technologies can help a company conduct business as efficiently as possible.

Who endorses CIW?

Companies like IBM and Hewlett Packard use CIW in their corporate training programs, and Intel and Novell have blended their Internet certification programs with CIW.


Course Foundations

Internet Fundamentals

The student will undertake a series of learning modules with tutor support as required. Work study is enhanced by digital video on CD with graphical illustrations and narration to reinforce the key concepts introduced in the course.

  • Information Technology and The Internet
  • Web Browsing
  • Multimedia on The Web
  • Databases and Web Search Engines
  • E-mail and Personal Information Management
  • Internet Security
  • IT Project Managemen

Web Page Authoring Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Web Site Development
  • Markup Language and Site Development Essentials
  • XHTML Coding
  • Horizontal Rules and Graphical Elements
  • Hyperlinks
  • Tables
  • Web Forms
  • Image Techniques
  • Frames
  • GUI HTML Editors
  • Advanced Web Technologies
  • E-Commerce Practice

Networking Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Networking
  • TCP/IP Suite and Internet Addressing
  • Internetworking Servers
  • Hardware and Operating System Maintenance
  • Network Security and IT Career Opportunities

Web Languages

JavaScript Fundamentals

JavaScript Fundamentals is a course that teaches developers how to use the features of the JavaScript language to design client-side, platform-independent solutions. Students learn how to write JavaScript programs, script for the JavaScript object model, control program flow, validate forms, animate images, target frames, and create cookies. Students will also understand and use the most popular applications of JavaScript.

  • JavaScript Introduction
  • Variables and Data
  • Functions, Methods and Events
  • Controlling Program Flow
  • JavaScript Object Model
  • JavaScript Browser Objects
  • JavaScript Language Objects
  • Developing Interactive Forms
  • Cookies
  • Cookies and JavaScript Security
  • Controlling Frames in JavaScript
  • Client-Side JavaScript
  • JavaScript Object

Perl Fundamentals

Perl Fundamentals is a course that teaches students how to fully utilise the Perl programming language. Students learn the Perl syntax, the basics of using regular expression, how to use Perl data types, and how to access and manipulate files. Students are also introduced to database connectivity and debugging techniques.

  • Getting Started wih Perl
  • Variables
  • Boolean Expressions
  • Decision Making and Looping
  • Introduction to Arrays
  • Manipulating Arrays
  • Introduction to Hashes
  • Regular Expressions
  • Pattern Matching and Substitution
  • Applications of Regular Expressions
  • Introduction to Subroutines
  • References
  • File Input and Output
  • Environment Variables
  • Packages
  • Modules
  • Object Orientation Basics
  • Advanced Features of Object Orientation
  • Database Connectivity
  • SQL
  • Working with Databases
  • Removing Bugs from Scripts
  • Bug-Free Perl Code

Server Administration

Internet System Management is a course that teaches foundational Internet services. Students learn user management concepts in Windows 2000 and Linux, configure Domain Name System (DNS) services, and Microsoft WINS, Samba, Telnet, and FTP. Students also learn about choosing appropriate Internet system platforms and receive training on how to calculate throughput, choose appropriate Internet connections and configure Windows 2000 Server and Red Hat Linux to use TCP/IP. By the end of this course, students will be able to provide essential TCP/IP services for any business interested in establishing an effective e-commerce presence.

Configuring User Management

  • Installation and Configuration Issues
  • Internetworking Operating Systems
  • Network Access
  • TCP/IP and Linux
  • Introduction to DNS
  • Troubleshooting DNS
  • Introduction to Web Servers
  • Introduction to IIS
  • Access in IIS
  • Virtual Servers
  • Apache Server
  • Authentication
  • Permissions
  • Best Practices
  • User Administration
  • Security in User Manager
  • Shared Folders
  • NTFS
  • Users and Groups
  • Password Management

Services, Servers, Integrity

  • Windows 2000 DNS Server
  • Configuring DNS in Windoes NT Server 4.0
  • Propagating Changes in Windows 2000
  • Implementing DNS in Linux
  • NetBIOS
  • Managing WINS
  • Samba
  • Introduction to FTP
  • Virtual FTP Servers
  • FTP Access
  • Telnet
  • Xinetd
  • Web Applications
  • Perl and E-Commerce Web Servers
  • Web Servers and Gateways Web Server and Gateway Overview
  • Streaming Media Servers
  • Configuring a News Server
  • E-mail Server Essentials
  • Installing E-mail Servers
  • Advanced Mdaemon Configuration
  • Mission-Critical Services
  • Optimising Servers
  • Logging Activity
  • Webtrends Log Analyser
  • Introduction to Security
  • SSL
  • Proxy Servers
  • Introduction to Fault Tolerance
  • Disaster Assessment and Recovery

Design Methology and Technology

  • Overview of Web Design Concepts
  • Web Development Teams
  • Web Project Management Fundamentals
  • Web Page Layout and Elements
  • Web Site Usability and Accessibility
  • Browsers
  • Navigation Concepts
  • Web Graphics
  • Multimedia and The Web
  • Ethical adn Legal Issues in Web Development
  • HTML and The Evolution of Markup
  • XML and XHTML
  • Web Page Structure - Tables and Framesets
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Site Content and Metadata
  • Site Development with Microsoft Frontpage 2003 - Introduction
  • Site Development with Frontpage 2003 - Basic Features
  • Site Development with Frontpage 2003 - Advanced Features
  • Site Development with Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 - Introduction
  • Site Development with Dreamweaver 8 - Basic Features
  • Site Development with Dreamweaver 8 - Advanced Features
  • Web Pages with Macromedia Homesite 5.5
  • Image Editing with Macromedia Fireworks 8
  • Multimedia with Macromedia Flash 8
  • Multimedia with Flash 8 - Timeline, Layers, Symbols and Buttons
  • Multimedia with Flash 8 - Tweens
  • Multimedia with Flash 8 - Movie Clips
  • Multimedia with Flash 8 - Actionscript, Masks and Practical Uses
  • JavaScript and DHTML Fundamentals
  • Plus-ins and Java Applets
  • HTTP Servers and Web Applications
  • Databases
  • Web Site Publising and Maintenance

Your Guarantee

The SkillsTrain Organisation has successfully taught millions of students from all over Europe. Our vast experience gives us the confidence to say to you that you cannot fail. We can assure you that you will gain new skills and successfully achieve valuable qualifications - a guarantee of a successful future. More career opportunities will be opened up to you. All we ask of you is effort and commitment, the end result will bring its own ample reward.

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CIW Website Design Manager

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