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CMI Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7

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Important information

Typology Postgraduate
Methodology Distance Learning
Duration 9 Months
  • Postgraduate
  • Distance Learning
  • Duration:
    9 Months

Suitable for: Practicing senior managers with the authority and ability to translate organisational strategy into operational performance.

To take into account

· Requirements

It is expected that participants will already have substantial management knowledge gained either through extensive management experience and/or a previous management qualification at level 5.

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What you'll learn on the course


Course programme

Course Overview

This is a post-graduate level of study, aimed at senior managers and directors who are capable of analysing, synthesising and evaluating a wide range of data and concepts. On completion of the Diploma, exemption from part one of an MBA may be gained, though you should check with the institution concerned if you wish to pursue this route.

Course Content:

Equivalent to the former Executive Diploma in Management this sought after senior manager training qualification consists of nine units of learning, six of which are mandatory core units, one of which is a management project. The remaining three units are a free choice to suit your own job role.

Core content includes:

  • enhancing your leadership skills
  • performance management
  • understanding and using financial information
  • developing financial proposals
  • decision making
  • the strategic planning process
  • management project

Core units: 7001, 7002, 7003, 7004, 7005, 7006

7001 Personal development as a strategic manager
Content includes: the impact of strategic objectives on the manager, identifying strategic management, the role of personal development in meeting strategic objectives, meeting organisational health and safety requirements. Credit: 6

7002 Strategic performance management
Content includes: setting objectives to meet strategic requirement, managing performance to meet the strategic objectives and direction of the organisation, politics and influencing. Credit: 7

7003 Financial Management
Content includes: understanding and using financial management information, developing and reviewing budgets and evaluating financial proposals. Credit: 7

7004 Strategic information management
Content includes: use and manage information for strategic analysis, decision making tools, monitoring and improving MIS. Credit: 9

7005 Conducting a strategic management project
Content includes: identifying, research and undertaking a work related project, including reviewing the impact of the project and the production of a management report. Credit: 10

7006 Organisational direction
Content includes: strategic planning process, conducting situational analysis, developing strategic options. Credit: 9

Option units: Three from 7008, 7009, 7010, 7011, 7012, 7013, 7014

7007 Financial planning
Content includes: creating strategic financial plans, risk analysis, sources of corporate finance, evaluating financial plans. Credit:6

7008 Strategic marketing
Content: understanding key strategic marketing concepts, developing and implementing a marketing plan, dealing with risk. Credit: 6

7009 Strategic project management
Content includes: understanding the impact of strategic projects, sponsoring strategic projects, developing and monitoring a project plan. Credit: 6

7010 Organisational change
Content includes: understanding change models, tools and techniques, developing strategies for change, evaluating the impact of change strategies. Credit: 7

7011 Strategic planning
Content includes: translating strategic objectives into action, strategic planning, risk and impact analysis. Credit: 9

7012 Human resource planning
Content includes: how HR planning impacts on the strategic plan, legal frameworks, the effect of organisational culture, discipline, grievance and the law. Credit: 8

7013 Being a strategic leader
Content includes: the role of the senior manager, the impact of leadership styles, contributing to strategic objectives, empowerment and understanding organisational. Credit: 7

7014 Strategic leadership Practice
Content includes: balancing strategic management and leadership requirements, strategic leadership strategies, empowerment, the impact of values on leadership. Credit: 7


To achieve the Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership participants must successfully complete a written work-based assignment for each unit of around 3,000-3,500 words. One of the assignments is a larger management project.

Support and what's included:

You will be allocated a tutor who will be your personal guide, mentor and coach. They will be an expert in their field and distance learning. You can be confident that their support and help will give you every opportunity to be successful with your leadership training. Your personal tutor will also assess the work you have to submit for your leadership and management qualification. They will provide you with full written feedback.

Fees are fully inclusive and cover:

  • registration with the CMI for the qualification which lasts for three years
  • membership of the CMI for three years
  • all study materials
  • additional resources to help you maximise your study time and help you with assignments
  • unlimited, pro-active support from your own experienced personal tutor for 12 months

Duration: 9-12 months
Enrolment: flexible anytime enrolment

Additional information

Payment options: * Pay in full - you are committing to the whole course and paying in one go * Installments - you commit to the whole course and pay by 5 monthly payments. * Pay as you go - You just buy one unit at a time. For your first unit you MUST choose Unit 5001 and registration. For follow on units make your choice.

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