Comparative Psychotherapy and Clinical Practice

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Queen Mary, University Of London, Mile End Road, E1 4NS


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Entry for this course is by application and interview, which also serves as a personal mentoring session. If you are wishing to enroll on this course, you are required to also attend “Ethical Practice” and (if you have not achieved exemption through Accredited Prior Learning) “Psychopathology in Psychotherapeutic Practice”.

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Teachers and trainers (1)

Pamela Gawler-Wright

Pamela Gawler-Wright


MSc, UKCP Registered Hypno-Psychotherapist and NL-Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Author, Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Psychotherapy Trainer, Director of Training at BeeLeaf

Course programme

Clinical Practice and Comparative Psychotherapy

This is also a Module of the BeeLeaf Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy

Course Structure

This is the over-arching 24-month module of the Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy that spans your transition from trainee to professional Psychotherapist.
This is a module that works at levels of spirit and identity by opening up your accumulated training to its practical interface with the world that you live in.
A component of the four-year route to Accreditation, it involves convenient distance-learning components, accompanied by monitoring of your Clinical Supervision and Practice Hours.

All-in-all, this module is what so many graduates of psychotherapy
and counselling training crave - a genuinely supportive, practical and systemic process of taking your passion and skill from training room to thriving professional practice.

What You Will Learn

During the Clinical Practice and Comparative Psychotherapy course, you will enjoy engrossing study that draws parallels and contrasts between different models of psychotherapy, consolidating your appreciation of these in a way that enhances your clinical application and flexibility. You will also take self-selected steps towards joining the wider environment of professional
psychotherapy, identifying from a range of options your best actions towards professional practice - or development and recognition of your existing practice.
These may range from voluntary placement, private practice to creating a new psychotherapeutic service, depending on where you are and where you want to get to.

Format Course

A fully comprehensive manual, including guidelines, required paperwork, networking ideas, success stories and personal development practices (for those inevitable challenges), will guide you through the processes
of starting your practice off on the right foot. Access to personal ongoing mentoring and a wide network of similar people will insure that you have the necessary support for continuing development that comes from connection to others. This invaluable, multi-modal learning experience will serve you for many years to come.


  • Choosing the right path for you in your Practice of Psychotherapy
  • First and Continuing Steps in Practice Development
  • Connecting with the right kind of Client for your level of Expertise and Specialist Interests
  • How to find, interview, select and contract an appropriate Clinical Supervisor
  • Managing Case Studies for the purpose of monitoring, modelling and research
  • Learning from others' successes and avoiding the pitfalls of setting up in Practice
  • Monitoring Protocols for establishing a Clinical Log for Professional Registration
  • Using your Psychotherapy skills for your own selfcare
  • Inspiring study and consolidation of Comparative Psychotherapy in Application
  • Self-modelling for your own model development
  • The power of networking, connecting with others to make things happen
  • Uniting Personal and Career Growth into a cogent Professional Identity
  • Attending to the "Business" of practice
  • Accessing Organisations and Services
  • Taking your vision into action
  • Connecting your mission with genuine social need and conditions for change

Assessment on the Clinical Practice and Comparative Psychotherapy Course

  • 3 essays, 3000 words in length
  • Supervised Clinical Practice and submission of Supervisor Monitoring Forms
  • 6 Case Studies

What's Included on the Clinical Practice and Comparative Psychotherapy Course

  • On-Line and Face-to-Face Mentoring
  • Monitoring and Contracting Forms and Templates
  • Monitoring and Verification of Supervision and Clinical Practice for Registration
  • Marking of Assignments
  • 2 Years' Membership of the Community of Contemporary Psychotherapy
  • Free Upgrades of Membership of CCP (Community of Contemporary Psychotherapy) at Key Stages to Affiliate, Associate and Full.
  • On-Line and Group Support with Fellow Trainees and Accredited Psychotherapists
  • Networking and appropriate Referrals
  • Eligibility for Candidate in Training Membership of UKCP (The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy)
  • 3 Day seminar "Passion in Action" - Creating Effective Social Change with NLP with Judith DeLozier and Judith Lowe, in alliance with PPD Learning.
  • Bespoke references to support your personal clinical placement applications.

Please note that your contract with your Clinical Supervisor is necessarily between you and the Supervisor or the Organisation where you complete a placement.
Therefore any costs of Supervision are between you and your Supervisor and are not included in the price of this training.

Comparative Psychotherapy and Clinical Practice

Price on request