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Do you want to expand your career in banking? Do you want to study at your own pace?
With the Conversational AI in Banking course endorsed by CFTE and offered on Emagister, you can do it!

This short course aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Conversational AI technologies in the Financial Services industry: the solutions, the impacts and the implementation approach.

Learn the meaning of Conversational AI and the key differences between chatbots, voice bots and virtual assistants and how they are used in Banking. Be prepared to receive a detailed analysis of implementation strategies for financial institutions and real-life case studies led by recognised industry experts.

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Start date


Start date

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About this course

In this course, you will learn to:
- Understand Conversational AI itself, the technologies behind it, and the solutions enabled in banking and beyond

Comprehend third-party Conversational AI platforms and how tailored solutions could be integrated into these platforms for deployment

- Identify the key factors to consider when designing an implementation strategy for virtual assistants, KPIs, and the major limitations to take into account

- Grasp fully the impacts of Conversational AI for banks, consumers, and the Voice Economy

- You work in the banking sector and you are looking to integrate unique, conversational solutions to enhance your customer’s experience

- You want to understand the different types of Conversational AI tools and chatbot programs available to implement in your business

- You are a Fintech enthusiast and keen to dive deep into the evolution of AI in the banking and finance sector

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Course programme

Chapter 1:

Understanding Conversational AI

Learn the meaning of Conversational AI and a gain a high-level understanding of its underlying technologies. Recognise the main social, technology, and regulatory drivers which have fuelled the usage of Conversational AI.

Chapter 2:

Conversational AI Technologies

Deep dive into the 3 subfields of AI technologies which together form the training ground for virtual agents: speech and voice recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Chapter 3:

How to Successfully Implement Virtual Assistants?

Determine the steps to create a strategy for a financial institution to deploy Conversational AI solutions.

Chapter 4: The Rise of Conversational Banking
Explore the main benefits of Conversational AI for banks and end-consumers, including its democratising effect and impact on customer digital experience.

Additional information

This specialization is composed of 4 to 6 courses. Individuals can either take the specialisation as a whole or take individual courses separately.

Conversational AI in Banking

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