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Unit 1 Syllabus. Structure of Law, Business and Company Law. Social Legislation, Financial Management Techniques. Commercial Conduct of Business, General Insurance. Vehicle Maintenance. Unit 2 Syllabus. General Traffic Regulations, Vehicle Taxation. Marketing, Commercial Conduct of Business. Methods of Operating, Operator Licensing. Weights & Dimensions of Vehicle, Vehicle Selection. Safety of Loads, Mechanical Condition. Drivers Hours and Records, Vocational Driving Licences. Speed Limits, Traffic Accident Procedure. Vehicle & Goods Insurance. Unit 4 Syllabus.
Suitable for: Operators of goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes GVW.

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Course programme

CPC Transport Management - Road Haulage

If you operate goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes GVW, you will require an Operator's Licence. There are two types of licence for UK Operations namely standard and restricted. If you wish to operate for hire and reward in the UK, you will require a standard national CPC and, for international purposes, you will require both a national and an international CPC.

To obtain this licence you must hold or employ someone who holds the relevant Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage (CPC) qualification. Please Note: You do not require a CPC holder for a restricted operator's licence.

To gain your CPC you must pass the relevant CPC examinations. They are conducted four times per year at approved OCR examination centres. Bon-Accord Training Limited is an approved OCR examination centre.
The OCR examination for the National Freight syllabus consists of Units 1 and 2 (multi-choice questions) and Unit 4 (case study).

Examinations are normally held on a Friday in March, June, September and December.

CPC Examinations

• Unit 1 (Core) - Multi choice - Duration 45 minutes
• Unit 2 (Road Haulage) - Multi choice - Duration 60 minutes
• Unit 4 (Road Haulage Case Study) - Case study - Duration 120 minutes

Home Study

You can also prepare for the examinations by purchasing study material and studying in your own time. You will need to allow around 60 hours for studying.

The pack enables candidates to prepare for the current OCR Examinations leading to the full freight national CPC. It consists of 3 manuals, in sections, each relating to a specific topic on the OCR syllabus. It incorporates a large number of CPC style questions as stage tests at the end of each Unit and includes mock tests and scenarios.

Tutor support is available for candidates who are experiencing difficulties with the content of the training material.

Exams can be taken individually or as a group. Please note: All 3 exams are required to gain a full CPC.

CPC Examination Syllabus

The National Freight Syllabus is divided into three Units (1, 2 and 4 a case study)

Unit 1 Syllabus
• Structure of Law, Business and Company Law
• Social Legislation, Financial Management Techniques
• Commercial Conduct of Business, General Insurance
• Vehicle Maintenance

Unit 2 Syllabus
• General Traffic Regulations, Vehicle Taxation
• Marketing, Commercial Conduct of Business
• Methods of Operating, Operator Licensing
• Weights & Dimensions of Vehicle, Vehicle Selection
• Safety of Loads, Mechanical Condition
• Drivers Hours and Records, Vocational Driving Licences
• Speed Limits, Traffic Accident Procedure
• Vehicle & Goods Insurance

Unit 4 Syllabus
• Consists of a case study taken from the syllabus in Units 1 and 2

Home Study Costs

National Freight home study pack: 125.00 GBP + VAT

Exam Fees

• Unit 1: 14.60 GBP + VAT
• Unit 2: 24.50 GBP + VAT
• Unit 4: 42.50 GBP + VAT

Exam Entry Fees

• 1 unit only: 25.00 GBP + VAT
• 2 units: 40.00 GBP + VAT
• 3 units: 50.00 GBP + VAT

Tutor Support Fees

• Tutor Support (Day): 40.00 GBP + VAT per hour
• Tutor Support (Eve & Sat): 45.00 GBP + VAT per hour

CPC Transport Management – Road Haulage

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