David Ciano

David Ciano


David Ciano LGSM&D (Act), ALAM (Act)

'One to One' Sessions suitable for all ages and abilities.. £20 per session (approx. 1 1/2 hours).

Ideal for the development of skills needed for Films, TV & Theatre, Public Speaking, Elocution, Wedding Speech: also, General audition technique & material ~ Drama school entry audition material ~ All aspects of an Actor's technique, eg Voice & Speech, Received Pronunciation, Stagecraft, Shakespeare, etc.

'One to One' sessions are also an ideal way of preparing for 'Trinity Guildhall' examinations in Acting.



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...Context Information Born in Liverpool, in 1963, David Ciano has worked as a professional actor, director & acting / vocal coach for just over twenty years... Learn about: Public Speaking, Musical Theatre, Set Design... More

£ 20
VAT exempt
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David Ciano
David Ciano
Acting Coach

LGSM&D(Act), ALAM(Act)


I'm very aware that good training is extremely difficult to track down .. therefore, I've included some personal background and a number of testimonials.

From 1996 to 2003 I combined my professional work as an actor with an interest in supporting actors based locally by founding and managing 'Merseyside Actors Centre'.

MAC allowed me to work with thousands of Merseyside young adults and adults .. many of whom have since entered the Acting profession. The charity, managed by myself, was able to attract the support of such famous names as Jenny Seagrove & Dame Judi Dench.

'Merseyside Actors Centre' received much encouragement and support from ‘Equity’ .. who stated .. "We cannot but applaud the contribution which the centre has made to the cultural life in the Merseyside area".

Although I'm now working again full time as an actor, this still allows me to undertake a limited amount of coaching work.

Advantages of studying here


Actors who have studied with myself and have gone on to forge a career in Theatre, Films & Television have been good enough to write some short 'testimonials'.

Glen Eagle - Graduate of East 15 School, London

"Working with David has allowed me to maintain my skills as an Actor and increase them."

Paul McLoughlin – Actor

"I knew that I wanted to improve my Voice skills and to develop stronger RP. Working with David has allowed me to achieve this and has expanded my knowledge of different approaches to this area of work."

Steven Carrol – Actor

"The courses & workshops organised by David have become a vital tool in helping me to develop a greater practical knowledge of new performance skills .. and by increasing my skills base I am able to pursue a greater variety of professional work."