Disability Care Degrees in the Scotland

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  • Disability Care
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  • Undergraduate Degrees 4
  • Postgraduate Degrees 3
  • £9,000
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  • Health 4
  • Humanities, Social Science, Education 1
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Scotland 7
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  • Online/Distance 4
  • Classroom-based 7
  • Blended 0
  • Inhouse 0
  • HNC
  • Paisley (Scotland)
  • 38 Weeks

...HNC Social Care Course Content: The HNC in Social Care is suitable for people who work in settings where care and support is being provided... Learn about: Social Work, Health and Social Care, Disability Care... More

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  • HNC
  • Glasgow (Scotland)
  • 1 Year

...This course is designed to enable students to acquire and apply. in the workplace an understanding of the structure and context. of social care provision and of the influence of organisational. factors upon service delivery... Learn about: Care Management, Health and Social Care, Community Care... More

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Global Health [MSc] degrees at Glasgow
4.3 fantastic 4 opinions
University of Glasgow
  • Postgraduate
  • Glasgow (Scotland)
  • Different dates available

... centre of applied and policy related research. This programme brings together expertise in inequalities in health, health and well-being, disability, drugs and addictions, urban health, health economics and the history of medicine. You will study quantitative and qualitative social science research... Learn about: Mental Health, Public Health, Social Science... More

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  • PhD
  • Currie (Scotland)
  • Different dates available

... Work in this area is wide-ranging, covering poverty, housing (and homelessness), health (including mental health), social care, employment, capacity building and the arts. A major focus of research activity is ethnic inequalities in access, experiences and outcomes of using public services... Learn about: Mental Health, Health and Social Care... More

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • 3 Years

...Course introduction: Learning disabilities nursing at degree level has been designed to give you an academic qualification and the vocational training to become a registered nurse. You’ll gain the team working, personal and decision making skills needed to demonstrate your eligibility... Learn about: Skills and Training, Team Training, Nurse training... More

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Mental Health degrees at Glasgow
4.3 fantastic 3 opinions
University of Glasgow
  • PhD
  • Glasgow (Scotland)
  • Different dates available

...Mental disorders are the leading global cause of disability and the World Health Organisation estimates that over 0.8 million deaths are due to suicide associated with mental disorders. Therefore, research on mental disorders and suicide is vital to reducing the global burden of disease... Learn about: Clinical Trial, Mental Health... More

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Edinburgh (Scotland)

...Course introduction: This course has been designed for qualified practitioners in health, social care and third sector settings, who wish to top-up their nursing or social care qualification to a BSc or BSc (Hons) degree. The course acknowledges the diversity of learning needs required... Learn about: Health and Social Care... More

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