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Designing Drupal Applications in UML


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This course has been created for software architects, project managers, developer and other people involved in Drupal application development. This course helps to understand Drupal design, simplify modules design and reduce number of dependencies. This helps to create scalable, maintainable application.
Suitable for: Good UML and Drupal knowledge required.

To take into account

Good UML and Drupal Knowledge

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  • Web Programming
  • Application Server
  • UML training
  • UML
  • Web servers
  • PHP
  • Applications architecture
  • Advanced Programming
  • Design
  • Project

Course programme

Understanding Drupal Design

Drupal Core Design

  • Module (package) dependencies
  • Node Abstract Class and derived content
  • Taxonomy Term and Vocabulary Class
  • User Class

Drupal Contributions Modules

  • Modelling CCK Content Type
  • Generating CCK Content Type From a UML Diagram

Class Diagram

  • Data Types and Stereotypes
  • Designing Own Content Types
  • Inheritance
  • Treating Content Related Functions (node_load/save, user_load, etc...) as Methods

Reducing Dependencies

  • Generating Package Dependencies Diagrams
  • Reducing Module Dependencies
  • Reducing Content Type Dependencies (association, aggregation and composition)
  • Changing Dependency Direction
  • Creating Links Modules to Brake Hard Dependencies

Code Generation

  • Generation Drupal Code Based on Diagrams

Designing Drupal Applications in UML

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