Dialogue Works

Dialogue Works


Dialogueworks is directed by Roger Sutcliffe, former teacher at both primary and secondary level, now a writer and leader in the field of Philosophy for/with Children (P4/wC), and in Inquiry-based Learning. He has a team of Associates, who themselves are leaders in their fields, including Critical Thinking, Gifted and Talented, Learning and Teaching. He lives in France but works mainly in UK, based in Surrey.

Advantages of studying here

Dialogueworks is internationally recognised for the quality of its courses. Roger and his associates are not merely leaders in their fields, but model facilitation of learning at its best. They are also outstanding at advising about, and enabling, learning beyond their courses.

Areas of specialisation

Dialogueworks provides tailor-made INSET courses in P4/wC, Inquiry-based Learning, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Communication and Interpersonal Skills, for all ages from teenagers to senior citizens.