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In Kirkby Mallory

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    Kirkby mallory

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    3 Days


Suitable for: Confident Rider of large bikes




Kirkby Mallory (Leicestershire)
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Mallory Park Circuit, Church Rd, LE9 7QE


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Course programme

Pass your Direct Access bike test with complete confidence all in one week.
We guarantee you'll pass module 1, if you don't pass first time we'll pay for your module 2 test!

We will ensure you become a safe, confident and competent rider while providing an environment where you can learn at your own pace to pass your motorcycle test. All our courses include CBT (compulsory basic training), bike hire. use of the race track, clothing and the full motorcycle test.

Circuit Based Training and the Driving Standards Agency recognise the need to practice the hazard avoidance test in a safe, controlled environment. At Mallory park we have the facilities to duplicate the module 1 test, to give you the confidence you need to pass both module 1 and module 2 at the end of your course. Passing this test gives you your full motorcycle licence enabling you to ride any motorcycle.

The hazard avoidance test is delivered on track at speeds of up to 50mph for all clients. You can practice accelerating up to speed in 2nd or 3rd gear to decide which will give you the best drive depending on which bike you are on. You can then try this test, on track at speeds of 30mph, 35mph, 40mph, 45mph until you find your personal limit (we topped out at 65mph) It's easy when you know how to counter steer and by the end of day your first day you'll know what we mean!

Before taking to public roads, you can accelerate through all six gears and brake at speeds of up to 70mph, as well as experiencing and understanding cornering and gradients on the race track.

The benefits are obvious to all new riders. Huge training areas and the use of the race track allow every rider to build confidence and technique without having to worry about the behaviour of other road users.

A competent standard can be achieved in a relaxed, safe manner before continuing the course on public roads.

There are four training areas incorporated into the Direct Access course:

1. CBT area (200m x 60m) No gradient (Maximum Speed 30mph)
2. Extended training area (500m x 100m) Gradients, potholes and painted surfaces (Maximum Speed 50mph)
3. National Racetrack (1.37 miles) Gradients, bends and straights (Maximum speed 80mph)
4. Public Roads (No motorways)

All of these elements may be used to help you gain full control of your motorcycle. When you and your instructor are in agreement, you will continue your training on public roads, including town riding, dual carriageways and sweeping A+B roads. We aim to cover as many miles as possible each day to ensure that you are fully prepared for the practical test but also to enable you to ride your new bike with total confidence.All clients will be instructed on essential areas to promote safe riding, eg :

* Counter steering / pivot steering / zones of vision
* Rates of turn / body position / throttle control
* Gear ratios / traction levels / front end loading
* Hazard perception / collision avoidance / spatial awareness
* Cadence braking / gyroscopic effect / unsprung weight
* Bike maintenance / protective clothing
* Test procedures / road positioning / mock tests

We want you to pass your test but more importantly we want you to stay alive, so as an added bonus, we will teach you how to trim off speed through the apex of a bend using the rear, front or both brakes together, culminating in high speed emergency stops while the bike is at its maximum lean angle! No other school in the country teaches this procedure or has the facilities to practise it, but one day it will come in very useful.....just ask any experienced rider if they have had to brake mid bend to avoid a hazard!

Every rider becomes more confident by using the racetrack as their own personal testing ground before going onto public roads. The majority of the course is conducted on the road from day two with the preparation on day one making a huge difference to the performance, safety and confidence level of each client.

Our aim is to provide each client with first class training to prepare for test with the emphasis on ensuring that every rider is safe, competent and confident. All road training is conducted on a 2:1 client instructor ratio with hands free radio communication between riders. Because of the amount of preparation on day one, we know that all clients are able to progress onto public roads with the confidence they need. This allows us to cover far more miles than other training scheme in a relaxed and safe manner. Whether it is a town centre bustling with traffic or joining a dual carriageway on the slip road at 70mph all our clients are fully prepared for every on road situation. Our logical approach to motorcycle training has proved a success over the last 12 years for thousands of riders. Your full test will take place on your final day.

All training begins on a 500cc bike with the option to change up to a 600/650cc machine later. We do not use 125cc bikes because they do not meet the Direct Access requirement of 46.6bhp. Learning to ride a larger bike is easier than a 125cc machine because they have more power, better brakes and tyres and the overall handling inspires confidence in the rider.

Choose from:

*Kawasaki ER5
*Suzuki GS500
*Bandit 600
*Bandit 600s
*Yamaha Diversion 600
*Yamaha Fazer 600
*Honda fireblade

Put simply, the more course time you spend on a big bike the more confident you will be on the test!

Direct Access

£ 780 + VAT