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Drupal 8 Views Module Training Course

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Important information

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This course has been created for Drupal site builders who want to use Drupal views to present, aggregate and analyse their data.

To take into account

· Requirements

Basic Drupal knowledge, including content types and fields. NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED.

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Course programme

Drupal views overview
  • Creating a view
  • Filtering a view
  • Exposing filters
  • Passing arguments to a view
Views and relationships
  • Displaying data from two nodes in one row (e.g. page title and authors date of birth)
  • Using relationships in filters
Analysing and Searching Data
  • Views Bonus Pack
  • Views Fast Search
  • View Calc
Dynamic Reports
  • Filtering date range
  • Charts
  • Summaries, sum, average, min, max, etc...
  • Calculated fields
  • Cross table reports
  • Exporting and importing views
  • Exporting a view
  • Importing a view
  • Hard coding a view in your module
Exporting views data
  • Exporting data to Microsoft Excel (CVS)
  • Exporting data to Microsoft Word document and other formats

Additional information

7 hours (usually 1 day including breaks)

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