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Dtp on Site


on site trainer in InDesign QuarkXpress and PhotoshopThe course is individually tailored to fit the delegates requirements i.e advertisements, newsletters, magazines or newspapers etcI have been an Art director for many years, so would include design tips and templates and obviously all the tools and a workshop is included - constructing the type of documents that you


the trainerA designer of trade publications at Haymarket Press followed by 14 years as Art director on leisure, specialist and woman's interest at IPC Media.Designer of newspapers and colour supplement's at the Daily Mirror, The Sun, Express Newspapers and now runs a Photo Library and design consultentcy and software tester for DTP technology.Currently he is a visiting lecturer and consultant to Universities and does seminars on advanced design to Art Directors of leading publications, and technology training to the industry - advises and trains InDesign, Quark and PhotoshopOne of London's most experienced trainers to complete beginners to the most advanced

Advantages of studying here

What does tailored training mean?You can send examples of the type of publication, artwork or documents you require, to be able to create. Your training course will be based on how work with or create those templates and style sheets.

Areas of specialisation

QuarkXpress, InDesign and Photoshop