Easy Life Change

Easy Life Change


Neuro Linguistic Training Short 12 week Condensed Weekend TrainingBesoke in house training. NLP represents a way of utilising thoughts and behaviour and associated tools to create techniques which will enhance overall communication skills and ability to define and set achievable goals.Through utilising senses and behaving flexibly NLP will enable achievement of aims and provide tools to build relationships, create opportunities and achieve goals.

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...but nothing is your fault" you no longer unconsciously embrace a 'victim' mentality where things just 'happen' to you. By utilising the associated tools... Learn about: Creative Thinking, Body Language, Emotional Intelligence... More

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Teachers and trainers (2)

Esther Zheng Zheng
Esther Zheng Zheng
NLP Master Practitioner

Esther Zheng is a certified NLP Master Practitioner whoi specialises in offering interactive, engaging and easy to understand NLP courses. Her history as a successful business owner enables her to share valuable knowledge for people focused on succeeding in creating a positive life perspective especially if starting their own business.

Suzi Thornburrow-Murray Thornburrow-Murray
Suzi Thornburrow-Murray Thornburrow-Murray

Suzi's background as a social work practitioner, team manager, skills assessor and trainer ensures workshops are structured to thoroughly embed learning. Throughout the 2 days and through carefully structured, dynamic bursts of information and interactive learning Suzi ensure outcomes focused on knowledge base and skills development are maximised