Edwardian Serial Killers - Let's Examine the Evidence

In Newcastle upon Tyne

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    Newcastle upon tyne

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You will learn about the transition from the Victorian to the Edwardian age and the crimes that were committed at that time (and later). You will explore written facts and documentary evidence and discuss the trials and tribulations of the criminals that roamed the streets. You will consider motive and compare a number of cases. You will decide on their reliability as an accurate source for information. You will play both devil’s advocate and judge and jury and determine why some people were never caught. You will look at the evidence, examine the facts and you make the final decision – whether the courts were right or ‘who done it??’.




Newcastle upon Tyne (Tyne and Wear)
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This course is designed for those learners with an enquiring mind and an interest in local, regional and national history who want to develop this interest further

Much the same as today media coverage of these very serious crimes were at times shrouded in sensationalist newspaper reports that in themselves are fascinating to read and decipher. The lack of current available technologies used today in comparison with murder cases before 1950 is alarming. Evidence was frequently flimsy and a significant number of the people that were sent to the gallows possibly shouldn’t have received the death sentence.

It’s often said that there is ‘nothing like a good murder’ to beef up the British press and this was certainly the case during the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian times. The newspapers and the ‘Penny Dreadfuls’ were full of amazing and overblown stories that thrilled and scared its hungry audience. The fight for survival was the impetus against which life choices were made and little heed was made to the possible consequences. Poverty and wealth inequality was still at a level that we can barely imagine within our modern perspective. The new century provided a new monarch, a modern society and a leap forward in forensic evidence.

We will examine a range of evidence and decide if the courts metered out ‘justice for all.’ You will make the final decision on whether the punishment fitted the crime once the evidence has been presented. ‘Who done it’ ?????? – You decide!!!

This course is designed for those learners who have some understanding of the social and economic factors that shaped both national and local history or those who want to develop their present knowledge further

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Course programme

How will I learn?

Through discussion, exploring resources, documents, recorded statistics and suggested reading material. You will complete a range of activities and be able to undertake independent research with assistance where necessary.

How will my progress be monitored and assessed?

Your progress will be continually monitored through planned exercises session by session.

Feedback will be given on an individual and one to one basis.

Progression opportunities

Learners will be able to progress onto further history courses

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A pen, A4 pad

What other support is available?

Help with numeracy or literacy is available. ICT drop-in sessions are available during term time and are open to all learners. Additional support can be provided for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. Learner Support Funding is available for equipment, childcare and travel to learners who qualify. For further details please ask when enrolling.

The topics covered include:

• The dawn of a new century
• What have we learned from the past?
• Forensics
• Punishment
• Trial records and quarter sessions
• Case history and discussions
• Judge and jury

(These are only suggestions, content will be discussed in the first lesson and a final decision reached by the group)

Edwardian Serial Killers - Let's Examine the Evidence

£ 51 VAT inc.