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Excel Advanced with VBA Training Course

Nobleprog (uk) Limited
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Participants will be able to excel themselves, in the most optimal way to create, consolidate and manage data. A number of tools designed to streamline the work often significantly reduces the time to activities carried out so far and can help you design an application that could perform new tasks.

To take into account

· Requirements

Ability to work with a spreadsheet, knowledge of Windows.

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What you'll learn on the course

Database training
Visual Basic
MS Excel

Course programme

Adjustment of the working environment
  • Keyboard shortcuts, facilities
  • Create and modify toolbars
  • Excel Options (autosave, input, etc.).
  • Options paste special (transpose)
  • Formatting (style, format painter)
  • Tool go to
Organization of information
  • Management sheets (naming, copying, color change)
  • Assign and manage the names of cells and ranges
  • Protect worksheet and workbook
  • Secure and encrypt files
  • Collaboration and track changes, comments
  • Inspection sheet
  • Create your own templates, charts, worksheets, workbooks
Data analysis
  • Logic
  • Basic functions
  • Advanced functions
  • Scenarios
  • Search by
  • Solver
  • Charts
  • Graphics support (shadows, charts, AutoShapes)
Database management (list)
  • Data consolidation
  • Grouping and outlining data
  • Sorting data (over 4 columns)
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Database Functions
  • Subtotal (partial)
  • Tables and Pivot Charts
Cooperation with other applications
  • Get External Data (CSV, TXT)
  • OLE (static and link)
  • Web Queries
  • Publication sheets on site (static and dynamic)
  • Publication PivotTables
Automation of work
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Create your own formats
  • Check the correctness
  • Recording and editing macros
Visual Basic for Applications
  • Create your own functions
  • Results in VBA
  • VBA Forms

Additional information

21 hours (usually 3 days including breaks)

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