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A Level Environmental Studies course Fast Track


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Home based distance learning. This A Level can be completed from home with full support for a maximum of 1 year.

Unit 1: ENVS1 – The Living Environment
An introduction to the biodiversity of life on Planet Earth.

The reasons why the conservation of life on Earth is important are investigated, as are the methods which may be used to achieve effective conservation.

Conservation in the UK, coral reefs, Antarctica and tropical rainforests are used to develop these issues further.

‘Life Processes in the Biosphere’ allows consideration of the ecological relationships between organisms and their abiotic and biotic environments in order to understand conservation problems further and how these may be managed.

Unit 2: ENVS2 – The Physical Environment
This unit introduces the available physical resources essential to life on Earth, how humans utilise these resources and issues relating to resource over-exploitation.
Additionally, the naturally occurring resources such as atmospheric gases, water and minerals, and cycles involving them are explored. The uses, management and threats to these resources are also investigated, including global climate change, water demands and management as well as mineral exploitation.

Unit 3: ENVS3 – Energy Resources and Environmental Pollution

Future problems of energy supply and how these may be resolved are investigated through the study of the energy resources which are available for use.
The properties of pollutants are considered to explain why some materials or forms of energy cause environmental damage. These issues are developed through the study of a range of atmospheric, aquatic and terrestrial pollutants.
 The strategies which may be used to minimise releases, treat effluents and manage the damage caused are considered. These issues allow consideration of the issues related to Units 1 and 2 which involve pollution.

Unit 4: ENVS4 – Biological Resources and Sustainability
The factors controlling human population growth are considered in relation to the demands placed upon the planet’s resources and life-support systems.
Food production and forestry systems are analysed, with particular emphasis on the limiting factors affecting productivity, the environmental problems caused by these systems and the ways in which problems can be addressed.
The study of the sustainability of human lifestyles allows synoptic consideration of the other modules of the specification.


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