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A Level Law


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Subscription options are available on most courses, starting at £19.99. See website for details.The following course, offered by Home Study Zone, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

This A Level Law Course is ideal for anyone wishing to gain a knowledge and understanding of this subject or for anyone who wishes to study at a higher level at University. You will also find this course extremely valuable if you are looking for a progression route for further training whilst employed.


This course covers the full AQA A Level Law specification meaning you will not require any further study resources.

As Level

Unit 1 ‰ÛÒ LAW01

Law Making and the Legal System

50% of AS, 25% of A Level

Externally-assessed examination, 1 hour 30 minutes

96 marks

Candidates answer questions on three topics

Unit 2 ‰ÛÒ LAW02

The Concept of Liability

50% of AS, 25% of A Level

Externally-assessed examination, 1 hour 30 minutes

94 marks

Candidates answer questions on two scenarios

A2 Level

Unit 3 ‰ÛÒ LAW03

Criminal Law (Offences against the Person) or Contract

25% of A Level

Externally-assessed examination, 1 hour 30 minutes

80 marks

Candidates answer three questions on one scenario

Unit 4 ‰ÛÒ LAW04

Criminal Law (Offences against Property) or Tort, and Concepts of Law

25% of A Level Externally-assessed examination, 2 hours

85 marks

Candidates answer two questions on one scenario and one essay question


Thanks to this offer, valid exclusively for one person, you will obtain an A Level Law Online Course.

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