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Advanced Diploma in Branding Management

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In today’s marketing world, it is critical to have the capacity to hone your advertising knowledge in brand building and management, through both digital and online promoting and also advertising and promotions. This program introduces you to the basics of branding and equips you with learning and skills in creating brand techniques and managing brands in a multi-social market environment. It additionally sets you up for advanced education at degree level and professional success in brand management in a competitive market environment.


Business Branding

  • Defining Branding
  • What Are You All About?
  • Creating a Mission
  • Creating a Vision of the Future
  • Positioning Your Brand
  • Developing Your Style
  • Developing a Brand Name and Slogan
  • Creating a Visual Identity
  • Living Your Brand
  • Connecting with Customers
  • Launching Your Brand
  • Taking Your Brand’s Pulse
  • Performing a SWOT Analysis
  • Measuring Brand Health with a Balanced Scorecard
  • Middleton’s Brand Matrix
  • Interpreting Evaluation Results
  • Keeping the Brand Alive
  • Going Beyond the Brand

Branding Management

  • Introduction
  • Expand the Brand
  • Contract the Brand
  • Is Publicity a Good Thing
  • Way to Advertise the Brand
  • Be Authentic
  • Its not all about Quality
  • Category over Brand
  • The Importance of a Brand Name
  • Keep it Simple
  • Don’t be a Stuck Up Brand
  • A Second Thought on Naming
  • Should Product Name and Company Name be the Same?
  • Beware of Subbranding
  • Can You Ever Extend the Brand?
  • The Importance of the Logo
  • The Importance of Color
  • Think Globally
  • Branding and the Internet
  • Naming and the Internet
  • Globalization and the Internet
  • Conclusion

Social Media Branding

  • Defining the Terms
  • Building Your Social Media Branding Strategy
  • Identifying Your Social Media Audience
  • The Key Social Media Platforms
  • Creating Brand-Focused Messages
  • Developing a Communication Strategy


Thanks to this offer, valid exclusively for one person, you will obtain an Advanced Diploma in Branding Management.

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