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American Sign Language

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International Open Academy
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American sign language is a thriving language, separate from English, used throughout the U.S., Canada, Africa, and some other parts of the world. While no census has been undertaken to determine the exact number of ASL speakers, most studies show the number to range between 250,000 and 500,000 native ASL speakers, with some 2 million more having a grasp of the language as a secondary or third language. Learning ASL allows you to communicate with any of these people, in any situation.

Whether you're seeking self improvement and personal growth, work with the deaf community, or have friends or family members who are either deaf or are losing their hearing, learning American Sign Language, or ASL, can be immensely valuable to you. In addition to improving your skillset and learning a new language, you will learn how to use your body language and facial expressions to communicate, which can benefit you in every walk of life, including vocal communication.

Learning sign language is a great way to give back to your community by allowing you to communicate with deaf members of your neighborhood. It also allows you to facilitate communication in multiple fields, and can be highly beneficial for teachers, persons working in customer service and sales, and for those working with children in any capacity.

Module 1: The Basics
1.1 What is ASL
1.2 Alphabet
1.3 Who Uses ASL
1.4 A Quick History of ASL
1.5 Getting Started

Module 2: Numbers, Parameters and Grammar
2.1 Numbers
2.2 Parameters
2.3. Grammar and Structure

Module 3: Introductions
3.1 Introduction Vocabulary
3.2 Name Sign
3.3 Deaf Etiquette
3.4 Facial Expressions

Module 4: People & Places, Gender and Body Language
4.1 People and Places Vocabulary
4.2 Gender Distinction
4.3 Using Body Language

Module 5: Conversation I
5.1 Conversational Vocabulary
5.2 Is ASL Universal
5.3 Questions Vs. Statements
5.4 Phonology in ASL

Module 6: Job & Education, Lexicalized Signs and Morphology
6.1 Job/Education Vocabulary
6.2 Lexicalized Signs
6.3 Morphology in ASL

Module 7: Descriptions, Classifiers and Syntax
7.1 Descriptions Vocabulary
7.2 Classifiers
7.3 ASL Syntax

Module 8: Conversation II
8.1 Making Plans Vocabulary
8.2 Number Incorporation
8.3 Expressive Sentences
8.4 Variations in ASL
8.5 Improving Your Vocabulary


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