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Balance Sheet


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ILX Group plc is an AIM-quoted company delivering business training and educational products and services. These include e-learning, public and custom classroom training, reference manuals and consultancy. It currently focuses on hard technical business skill areas of project management, service management, and finance


  • Be able to differentiate between profit and cash flow
  • Make your own study schedule and take advantage of online tutoring hours
  • Obtain a certified diploma once you finish the course.


Business Acumen is not just fluency in the language of finance, it is the ability to read, understand and interpret financial information to make informed business decisions. Decisions that will positively impact on the financial performance of the organisation.

Understand the structure and elements of an Income Statement. Learn how to differentiate between the different types of cost, expenses and other deductions affecting the overall profit of a business and specific operating decisions. Be able to construct an Income Statement with your own figures.

Delegates will:
• Understand how business decisions impact organisations’ financials and key performance indicators
• Be confident in financial discussions – gain financial fluency and understand terminology and concepts
• Understand the drivers of your profit and loss account, and the interrelationship of the financial statements
• Be able to differentiate between profit and cash flow
• Develop superior cost management skills and understand how to conduct effective investment appraisals
• Understand the implications for planning and reporting in the listed company environment


Defines what is meant by the Balance Sheet.

Sources and use of finance
Identifies the three sources of finance in a business, showing their organisation into liability accounts and constitution as capital employed.

Format of the balance sheet
Introduces three ways of setting out the Balance Sheet: the traditional, workingcapital and financial analysis formats.

Inter-relationship with the profit and loss account
Briefly highlights the inter-relationship of the Balance Sheet with the Profit and Loss account.

Examples of formats
Demonstrates the different ways in which account items are handled by each of the three Balance Sheet formats and discusses their relative merits.

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