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Bike Maintenance

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International Open Academy
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Throughout its life, your bicycle undergoes a huge amount of strain and on occasion will require repairs and maintenance to ensure it is in perfect working order. Minor repairs and maintenance undertaken by a bicycle repair shop can be expensive so instead, why not look to learn the skills required so you can undertake these repairs and maintenance yourself. Our Bicycle Maintenance course is the perfect introduction to the basic maintenance required to undertake work on your bicycle allowing you to save cash on expensive repairs.

Would you like to be able to:

Understand how the components of your bicycle work
Troubleshoot any problems with your bicycle
Undertake minor repairs to the many components of your bicycle
Maintain your bicycle to a high standard, minimising repairs required

Our Bicycle Maintenance course teaches you the skills required to undertake minor repairs and maintenance on your bicycle, helping you cut down on expensive bicycle repair shop bills. We will also educate you in preventative maintenance on all areas of your bike which will help prolong the well being of your bicycle, again cutting down on expensive repairs. Our course will also give you the knowledge and confidence to be able to undertake minor repairs while out ‘on the road’, when access to specialist repair may be limited. Having basic maintenance and repair skills is crucial for bike enthusiasts to help you better understand your bike but also to save you money.

Module 1: Basic Maintenance
1.1 Your bicycle explained
1.2 Toolbox essentials

Module 2: Tires
2.1 Tire types explained
2.2 Troubleshooting tire problems
2.3 Repairing a flat tire
2.4 Replacing a flat tire
2.5 Tire care

Module 3: Wheels
3.1 Troubleshooting wheel problems
3.2 Replacing a wheel
3.3 Hub care
3.4 Replacing a spoke
3.5 Wheel care

Module 4: Chain
4.1 Troubleshooting chain problems
4.2 Replacing your chain
4.3 Chain care

Module 5: Brakes
5.1 Troubleshooting brake problems
5.2 Adjusting the brakes
5.3 Replacing brake pads
5.4 Replacing a brake cable
5.5 Brake care

Module 6: Gears
6.1 Troubleshooting gear problems
6.2 Replacing a derailleur
6.3 Replacing a derailleur cable
6.4 Replacing a gear shifter

Module 7: Suspension
7.1 Troubleshooting suspension problems
7.2 Adjusting your suspension
7.3 Replacing your suspension

Module 8: Pedals and Drivetrain
8.1 Troubleshooting pedal and drivetrain problems
8.2 Replacing a pedal
8.3 Pedal care
8.4 Replacing a crankset and bottom bracket
8.5 Drivetrain care

Module 9: Steering
9.1 Troubleshooting headset problems
9.2 Adjusting the headset
9.3 Replacing the headset

Module 10: Saddle
10.1 Replacing a saddle
10.2 Adjusting a saddle


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