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Blogging Certificate - Best Seller - CPD & IVCAS Certified

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This course will give you an overview of blogging – why you should blog, how to choose the right blogging platform for you, how to write high-quality content, and how to use a blog to further your personal and professional goals.

You will learn the following:

What is meant by the terms “blog,” “blogging,” and other related phrases.
How blogging started, and how it became popular among internet users.
The main reasons why people decide to write blogs.
The various groups of people who run blogs, and what they often hope to achieve.
Key questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to begin blogging.
How to choose the right platform for your blog.
How to make the decision between using a blog hosting service and hosting your own blog.
The main features and costs associated with six of the most commonly-used blogging platforms.
How to secure a domain name and hosting if you decide to set up a self-hosted blog.
How to find extra help and support when launching your blog if you should require it.
Why it is important to choose the right topic for your blog.
How to devise an initial list of ideas for blog topics.
How to select an idea that has the potential to make money at a later date.
How to research the existing level of interest around your topic.
The power of evergreen content and why you should consider an evergreen topic as the basis for your blog.
Why producing high quality content should be your primary concern as a blogger.
The various kinds of blog post you may wish to publish to your blog.
How to devise ideas for your blog posts.
Why it is a good idea to plan your posts using a posting schedule or diary.
How to add extra value to your posts so that your readers will come to think of you as a reliable and authoritative resource.
An overview of the most popular ways of making money from a blog.
How to make money by placing advertisements on your blog.
How to make money by promoting other people’s products on your blog.
How to make money by selling your own products via your blog.
Why you should not view blogging as a means of making money quickly.
Why it is helpful to think of yourself as a member of a wider blogging community.
Where you can find other bloggers writing in your niche.
How you can attract more readers to your blog by networking with other bloggers.
Why including guest posts on your blog is a good strategy for increasing engagement and traffic.
How to collaborate with other bloggers on projects, and how doing so can boost your income and reputation.
Why you should maintain a social media presence on at least one social media website.
An overview of the most popular social media platforms for bloggers, and how each can be used to attract new readers and engage with your existing audience.
The kind of content you can post to social media and how it can be used to engage readers.
How to use social media to devise new ideas for blog content.
The basics of social media etiquette and how to attract more followers.
Why effective blogs often make use of images and videos alongside text.
Different types of blog content that is often enhanced by visual media.
Legal issues to consider when using other people’s media on your blog.
How to produce your own memorable visual media for use on your site.
How to optimize your images so that they help your blog rank well in search engines.
Why you should consider starting a blog if you have a business.
How you can use content to engage with existing customers and attract new prospects.
How building an email list via a blog can provide you with a new means of selling products.
How to strike a balance between maintaining a professional image and showcasing the personality of your business.
How to promote your blog content on social media in such a way that attracts new customers.
Why you need to be aware of the most common online security threats.
An overview of the potential consequences of successful cyber-attacks.
The reasons why people attempt to hack into blogs and other websites.
Why you should keep backups of your blog content.
How to keep a WordPress blog secure.
How to stop spam and malicious communications being posted to your blog.
Benefits of taking this course:

You can learn the material any place, any time, and at your own speed.
All you need is an internet-enabled device.
Content is presented as brief modules, making learning easy.
Access to an online support system.
A complete overview of the issues you need to consider when launching a blog.
Affordable cost.

Course Modules/Lessons

Module 1: Blogging Basics

Module 2: How To Set Up A Blog

Module 3: How To Choose A Blog Topic

Module 4: How To Write Captivating Content

Module 5: How To Make Money From Your Blog

Module 6: How And Why You Should Network With Other Bloggers

Module 7: How To Use Social Media To Widen Your Audience

Module 8: How To Make Effective Use Of Images And Other Visual Media

Module 9: Using A Blog To Attract New Customers To An Existing Business

Module 10: Safety And Security Issues


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