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Care of the Senior Pet

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Holly and Hugo
18 Westland Square, Pearse St.,Dublin 2, Ireland 2 See in Google maps


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What will you Learn?

Care of the Older Pet” is an invaluable guide for the concerned pet parent who wishes their senior pet to get the most out of life.

This course is all about keeping your pet healthy, happy, and active into their senior years. It gives you an understanding of the ageing process in cats and dogs, and practical tips on how to give them a comfortable, stimulating, and enjoyable old age so they stay fitter for longer.

MODULE 1: How Old is Old?
1.1 Introduction to Ageing
1.2 Pet to Human Years
1.3 The Ageing Dog
1.4 The Ageing Cat
1.5 Staying Healthy for Longer
1.6 Signs Your Pet Should See the Vet

MODULE 2: Behavioral Changes in Senior Pets
2.1 Mental vs Physical Problems
2.2 Senior Moments
2.3 Changes in the Senses
2.4 Mental Stimulation
2.5 Help a Grieving Pet
2.6 Introducing a New Pet

MODULE 3: Special Considerations for Mature Pets
3.1 Giving Drugs to Older Pets
3.2 Reducing Anesthesia Risks
3.3 Coat Care
3.4 Dental Problems
3.5 Diet and Senior Pet

MODULE 4: Mobility and Pain Issues
4.1 Conditions Causing Pain
4.2 Signs of Pain
4.3 Nutraceuticals
4.4 Physical Therapy
4.5 Treating Pain
4.6 Environment Changes

MODULE 5: Health Problems of Senior Pets
5.1 Cancer
5.2 Cushing’s
5.3 Diabetes
5.4 Heart Disease
5.5 High Blood Pressure
5.6 Hypothyroidism
5.7 Hyperthyroidism
5.8 Incontinence
5.9 Kidney Disease
5.10 IBD
5.11 Prostate Disease

MODULE 6: Saying Goodbye
6.1 Planning Ahead
6.2 Knowing when it’s Time
6.3 Quality of Life Scale
6.4 Hospice Care
6.5 What Happens at the End?
6.6 Coping with Loss
6.7 Links to Grief Counselling Organizations for Pet Parents


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