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Child Internet Safety Online Course

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  • Learn why the dangers of the digital era must be taken seriously
  • Make your own study schedule and take advantage of online tutoring hours
  • Obtain a certified diploma once you finish the course.


Child Internet Safety Course - IVCAS approved

The Child Internet Safety Course follows on from our popular data protection course and is a must for any parent, grandparent , family member or carer.

This course provides parents with an overview of the dangers children and young people face when they use the internet. It encourages parents to develop strong lines of communication when talking with their children, and contains practical advice for holding conversations about sensitive issues including cyber-bullying, pornography use and online relationships.

What you will learn

In taking this course, you will learn the following:

Why the dangers of the digital era must be taken seriously.
How and why children make use of the internet.
How to keep up to date with the latest technology and the tools your child is likely to be using online.
The most common ways in which children and teenagers use social media.
The importance of teaching your child to use privacy settings as a means of protecting their personal information and identity from misuse.
Why you must be prepared to support your child in the event that they become a victim of bullying.
The factors that may make a child or teenager particularly vulnerable to cyber-bullying.
How to spot the signs that indicate your child may be a victim of bullying.
How to start a discussion with your child if you suspect that they are being bullied.
How best to talk to your child if they have been accused of bullying behaviours.
Why good communication skills are important in keeping your child safe online.
The sensitive issues you will have to discuss with your child when educating them about online safety.
How to develop your listening skills in such a way that your child will feel comfortable raising sensitive issues.
How to discuss internet safety issues with children who have learning disabilities.
What is meant by the term “grooming”, and why parents need to be aware of the dangers.
The various types of online grooming used by predators on the internet.
How the grooming process typically unfolds, from beginning to end.
How to spot the signs of grooming and abuse in children and teenagers.
How to verify that an online “friend” is who they claim to be.
The kinds of extreme material that children and teenagers can view online.
The nature of extremist and radical political content and how its impact can be lessened.
The kind of content posted on pro-eating disorder sites and how some websites normalise other mental illnesses and self-destructive behaviours.
What children and teenagers learn about sex, gender roles and relationships online.
The potential effects of viewing pornography on healthy sexual development and the ability to form appropriate relationships.
How to talk to your child about pornography and other sexually explicit material.
How children and young people use the internet to date and develop romantic relationships.
How to help your child if they have become involved in an abusive relationship.
What internet addiction is, the main symptoms, and the long-term effects if it is left untreated.
Why you need to remain alert to the possibility of internet addiction in children and teenagers.
The factors that make an individual more susceptible than average to developing an internet addiction.
How you can help your child or teenager cut down on their internet use.
The professional treatment options available to you and your child if their internet addiction appears to be out of control.
Why you may want to consider using tools, such as monitoring applications, to keep your child safe online.
The ways in which older children and teenagers may try to work around monitoring tools.
The importance of using good communication in conjunction with monitoring tools.
Module Breakdown -

Module 1: Understanding Why Internet Safety Is So Important – How Children Use the Internet Today

Module 2: Safe Use Of Social Media

Module 3: How to Help a Child Suffering Online Bullying Or Harassment

Module 4: What If My Child Is Bullying Others?

Module 5: Talking To Children About Internet Safety

Module 6: Online Grooming and How to Prevent It

Module 7: Online Extremism and Managing The Risk Of Radicalisation

Module 8: How The Internet Affects Young Peoples Attitudes Towards Sex and Relationships

Module 9: Identifying, Preventing and Overcoming Internet Addiction in Children and Teenagers

Module 10: Tools To Help You Monitor Your Child’s Internet Use


Thanks to this offer, valid exclusively for one person, you will obtain a Child Internet Safety Online Course.

How to register

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