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Cisco Certified Networking Associate (ICND2)

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OUR MISSION: Our mission is to help you learn the skills you need to reach your full potential. WHO WE ARE: We are one of the fastest growing online training providers. We offer engaging, effective and flexible online training solutions to both individuals and businesses. We develop courses that help individuals to prepare for and complete their certification exams with ease. Our unique, flexible approach to learning means you don’t have to put your life on hold to get certified. You can study full time and part time, from home and work and on the move; online and on mobile devices. We provide world class education developed by highly skilled and experienced instructors. Our courses are upgraded regularly to ensure our learners are up-to-date with the latest industry requirements and best practices. WHAT WE BELIEVE We believe technology has paved the way for individuals and businesses all over the world to tap into high quality learning at their fingertips.


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90% of employers see network performance maintenance as a highly demanded skillset.Employers worldwide are searching for IT professionals with validated skills. With Cisco certifications in hand, you'll certainly stand out from the crowd.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) course provides learners with a complete introduction on how to deploy Cisco routers. Cisco routers are widely used by companies all over the world to connect computers to LAN (Local Area Networks) and the internet. You will learn how to identify the key components of a computer system, define basic computer and network terminology, and explain the benefits and functions of the OSI reference model.

Learner will gain the essential knowledge and skills required to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN.

Our curriculum covers basic mitigation of security threats, introduction to wireless networking concepts and terminology, and performance-based skills. The use of these protocols: IP, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Serial Line Interface Protocol Frame Relay, Routing Information Protocol Version 2 (RIPv2), VLANs, Ethernet, and Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Once certified, you'll be qualified for jobs such as Network Administrators and Network Support Engineer, earning an average salary of about £37,500.00 per year.

The great thing about our Cisco Certified Networking Associate (ICND2) course is that you are in charge of your start and finish date, with no deadline pressures!

We train our students to the very best standards, offering expert instructor-led training via our state of the art eLearning platform.

By achieving the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (ICND2) certification, you will create more career opportunities and be better positioned when applying for work.

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200-105 ICND Part 2 Module 1 Ð Vlans & Spanning Tree Protocol
ICND1 Overview and Intro to INCD2
Troubleshoot VLAN
Troubleshooting VLANS
Troubleshooting Trucks
Spanning Tree
Ether Channel
Layer 3 Redundancy
Implementing Scalable Med-Sized NetworksModule 2 Ð IP version 4 & 6
IPv4 Troubleshooting
Troubleshoot IP Connectivity
IPv6 Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting LabsModule 3 Ð Routing with EIGRP
Implementing EIGRP
Implementing EIGRP Lab Demonstrations
Troubleshooting EIGRP
Implementing EIGRP with IPv6
IPv6 EIGRP Lab demonstration
EIGRP SummaryModule 4 Ð Routing with OSPF
OSPF Introduction
Configuring Multiarea OSPF
Troubleshooting Multiarea
Troubleshooting OSPF
Examining OSPF
OSPF version 3 with IPv6Module 5- Wide Area Network Implementation
WAN Technologies
Frame Relay/WAN Technologies
Configuring and Troubleshooting Serial Connections
Frame Relay
GRE TunnelModule 6 Ð Configuring Cisco Routers
SNMP Overview
Setting up SNMP Syslog
Changing Configuration Registry
Device Configuration
Password Recovery
Backing up IOS image
Managing Configuring Files
Verify Cisco IOS LicensingModule 7 Ð Super Lab 1 Ð Review of ICND1
Review Lab of ICND1
Review Lab of ICND1 VLAN
Basic Setting Inter-VLAN Routing
Internet Connectivity
WAN Connectivity with OSPFModule 8 Ð Super Lab 2 Ð Configuration of Routers for ICND2
Secure Router
Configuring Settings VLAN
Troubleshoot Ether channel
Port Security
Enabling SSH Routing
Configuring DHCP
Stateless Auto-Config
PPP Point to Point Protocol
Configuring Dynamic Routing
Configuring OSPFv3
Troubleshoot ACLMULTI-USER TRAINING PACKAGESThis online course can be integrated in your professional training plan. M.T.A. can provide you with a tailored learning solution, that can be customised to meet each team member's requirements. Choosing a multi-user training package, you can get significant discounts for 5+ users and even further discounts for 10+ users Ð and an excellent return on your investment.


Thanks to this offer, valid exclusively for one person, you will obtain a Cisco Certified Networking Associate (ICND2).

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