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Criminal Psychology Level 3


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This home study course in criminal psychology is designed for anyone interested in the psychology of crime and learning more about the use of psychology in crime, its detection and prevention.

Info - 
Defining criminal psychology
Scope of criminal psychology
Roles of the criminal psychology

Researching Criminal Behaviour - 
The scientific method of psychological research
Ethical considerations of psychological research
Designing a research/study experiment
Focus of the research
The hypothesis
Data Collection methods
Analysing the data
Reaching conclusions
Reporting the results
The usefulness of psychological research

How Criminal Psychology Can Be Used To Understand Crime - 
Factors that influence the incidence of criminal activity
The major perspectives that try to explain causes of criminal behaviour Biological and psychological theories
Cognitions theories
Behavioural theories
Developmental theories

How Criminal Psychology Can Be Use In Criminology - 
Investigating a crime
Witness reliability
Factors that effect memory acquisition
Factors that effect memory retention
Factors that effect memory retrieval
Interviewing suspects
Detecting Lies
Detecting false confessions
Offender profiling
Geographic profiling  

How Criminal Psychology Can Be Used In Prosecutions - 
An overview of  courtroom procedures
How witnesses can affect a jury's decision
How child witnesses can affect a jury's decision
How expert witnesses can affect a jury's decision
How the judicial system can affect a jury's decision
How the juror reaches a decision
Group decision making
Group behaviour

How Criminal Psychology Can Be used With Convicted Criminals -
 A brief history of punishments
The range of punishments
Problems inmates incur in prison
Support available in prison
Alternatives to imprisonment
Rehabilitating prisoners
Offender behaviour programmes


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