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The Critical Errors for Behavioral Interviews: Why they Happen and the Easy Fixes


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• What is a structure behavioral interview creating a common language
• Why past behaviour is not the lone predictor of future performance
• Why most behavioural questions are not behavioural
• How to avoid some of the most common issues when asking a behavioral question
• How to successfully use behavioral question to hire for fit to the culture
• How to measure the quality of the answer

  • One recent survey indicated that up to 46% of new hires fail, in the first 18 months,of that 50% leave in less than a year. That one of the key causes is a misfit with their boss. Would not a process of integration into the organization be an essential responsibility of the hiring manager? What is the consequence to your bottom line for not successfully integrating a new hire into the company. Some say it is the onboarding process that fails but prior to arriving on the job they were interviewed. What went wrong at the interview.
  • This workshop will be a fast paced look at the key elements why many interviews end up lacking the insight to make an accurate hiring decision. This session will provide some key tools to ensure you have a better foundation for creating better behavioural questions and can more accurately decode the answers to see if the candidate is a good fit for your organization. 
Why should you Attend:
  • In an issue of the Harvard Business Review, the CEO of AlliedSignal describes the interview as "the most flawed process in American business." Even people who have been formally trained to conduct interviews, including behavioral interviews, find the outcome not to be as accurate as desired. This is rooted in two main issues: first, often the behavioral competencies they are using are more outcomes and the behavior is at best implied and second, the behavioral questions they have asked are not actually behavioral questions.
  • It is in the best interest of the company to conduct behavioral interviews. That is because behavioral interviews are far more accurate than traditional interviews and more insightful then psychometric testing. Each hiring decision represents, potential an investment of thousands of dollars - the cost of hiring wrong can range from 1.5 to 10 times the person's salary.The fact is, event trained interviewers using ambiguous behavioral anchors and poorly worded behavioral questions at not as effective as the training falsely lead them to believe 


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