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Diet Management

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International Open Academy
Floor 1, Filmbase, Curved St., Dublin 2, Ireland 2 See in Google maps


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When you think about it, it’s actually quite simple. Your body is an ecosystem an ingeniously designed collection of billions of cells doing the multitude of functions it takes to keep you living and thriving. As everything is connected, it makes sense that everything you put in your body affects the whole of you.

The food and drinks you consume affect:

your physical health
your mood
your energy and vitality, and, more visibly,
your outer appearance.

Module 1: Introduction to Inner Health & Outer Beauty
General tips on developing dietary habits that keep you feeling healthy and looking beautiful
Protein, carbohydrate, fat
Vitamins and minerals

Module 2: Can Fat be Good For You?
Oils, fats, Omegas – the good, the bad and the ugly
Nuts, seeds, pulses, seaweed
Grains and gluten

Module 3: Bright and Beatiful veggies for a Bright and Beautiful You
Anti oxidants
Raw food
Juicing and smoothies
Vegetarian, vegan, & meat diets

Module 4: Foundations for a Beutiful Diet: Why Organic?
Hydration Snacks – how to have a little of what you love and stay healthy
Daily essentials

Module 5: What’s in There?
Minute Ingredients with Surprisingly Powerful Effects
Probiotics, prebiotics, yoghurt
Immune boosting foods
Nutrient dense foods

Module 6: Diet and Detox
What to avoid?
Top 5 diet tips
Sugar Detoxing
Why colours are great for you?
Weight management – most popular diets
Foods that increase your metabolism
When and how to eat?

Module 7: How to Eat Yourself
Beautiful Skin and nutrition it needs
How to correct problem skin with diet and supplementation
Nutrition for hair and nails

Module 8: WOW! Food can do all this?
Top 10 most powerful foods
Foods and drinks that help or prevent sleep
Best food to help fight colds and flu
10 tips for a great lifelong skin policy


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