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Diploma in Smartphone Photography - Online Course

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Smartphone photography tells the story of our lives through images. It's how we see the world around us. It gives us the ability to capture and share amazing high quality photos with a camera that we carry with us, every day of our lives. During this course you will gain the skills and knowledge to produce high quality, creative images that will take your photographs to a whole new level so register now to get started.

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  • LESSON 1 - 

    What is Smartphone Photography?

    We all use our smartphone for photographing different things. In this lesson we are going to talk about some popular styles of photography so we can think about what photographs you like to capture, this will help you develop and enhance your own style. We will explore the features on your smartphone and learn how to set it up to get the best possible images at the highest quality.

  • LESSON 2 - 

    Seeing the World Through Your Smartphone

    Smartphone cameras, like all cameras give us a view of the world which is very different to how we see with our eyes. In this lesson, we are going to look at how we can gain control of that view. We will talk about the difference between digital and optical zooming, and different lens attachments. We will also discuss how light forms the images that we capture with our smartphones.

  • LESSON 3 - 

    How to Compose the Perfect Shot

    In this lesson we will develop the creative side of our smartphone photography by exploring composition. We will expand our creative potential by mastering compositional techniques, such as rule of thirds, leading lines and angle of view. Developing strong compositional skills will increase the impact of your photographs and draw the viewer into the picture.

  • LESSON 4 - 

    Motion & Depth

    Motion and Depth are essential to expanding the creative potential of your photography. Controlling and manipulating motion and depth in your images will allow you to add drama and sophistication to your images. Whether you want to freeze an athlete in action or blur the flow of a waterfall, controlling motion will expand your capabilities and allow you to explore new subjects.

  • LESSON 5 - 

    #Selfie - The self portrait

    Taking photographs of people is one of the things a smartphone excels at. In this lesson we will explore the possibilities for photographing people, whether it’s families, candid’s or formal/informal portraits, and of course selfies. We will talk about different styles and equip you with the skills to use your smartphone for taking some really beautiful portraits.

  • LESSON 6 - 

    Taking Full Control

    Exposure is all about getting the right level of brightness and capturing the light as you see it. Exposure is one of the most important subjects in smartphone photography to create strong consistent images for every single type of shot. Exposure is the key to controlling light and mastering exposure and will give you full control over your smartphone photography.

  • LESSON 7 - 

    Social Media #nofilter

    The big attraction of smartphone photography is the ability to share your images. You can take an image and share it with the world in seconds. In this lesson we will learn how to utilise various social media platforms and we look at ways to get more people to see your photos and increase your likes and follows.

  • LESSON 8 - 

    Creative Enhancement

    Today there is nearly as much interest in editing and enhancing pictures as there is in taking photos. In this lesson we are going to explore creative enhancements with some mobile photo editing apps. Mastering these skills will transform your images and give them an impressive edge.


Thanks to this offer, valid exclusively for one person, you will obtain a Diploma in Smartphone Photography - Online Course.

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