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Diploma in travel & tourism

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Leisure is the pinnacle of life that people pursue. It brings us happiness, it motivates us to work harder and earn more money. All of these efforts, just so we can enjoy leisure activities like shopping, playing or travelling. This Diploma in Travel & Tourism course is the all about travelling and can help you learn more about travelling and the tourism industry.

The course has three sections, each focusing on a specific aspect of travel and tourism. The first part of the course narrows down on the tourism business. Here you are initially given a small introduction before moving onto the different products & services provided for tourism. In this part you will further learn about how to manage tour operations, marketing, human resources, transportation and quality as well. Next part of the course however gives you details about common travel temptations that people have including countries, cities and tourist sites. The final section explains travelling tips & pitfalls to avoid, which is true for all kinds of travelling to be honest.

The main attraction of this course is obviously part two of the course which provides so much details of different travel destinations. So if you want to feed your soul and learn about travelling and the tourism industry, you should definitely get this course now.


Travel & Tourism

  • Introduction to Travel & Tourism
  • History of Tourism
  • Integrated Model of Tourism
  • The Meaning of Travel, Tourism & Tourist
  • Types of Tourism
  • The Products & Services of Tourism
  • Tourism Destinations
  • Managing Tourism
  • Managing Tour Operations
  • Transportation
  • Quality Management
  • The Impacts of Tourism
  • Conclusion

Travel & Tourism Guide

  • Africa Safari Travel Temptations
  • Australia Travel Temptations
  • Booking Travel Temptations
  • Costa Rica Travel Temptations
  • Disneyland Travel Temptations
  • Disney World Travel Temptations
  • Egypt Travel Temptations
  • Exotic Travel Temptations
  • Travel Temptations
  • Hilo Travel Temptations
  • Hot Spots in Travel Temptations
  • How Online Travel Temptations Work
  • Indiana Travel Temptations
  • Key West Travel Temptations
  • Mexico Travel Temptations
  • Michigan Travel Temptations
  • Ohio Travel Temptations
  • Panama Travel Temptations
  • RIU Paradise Island Travel Temptations
  • San Diego Travel Temptations
  • Sandy Point Travel Temptations
  • Singapore Travel Temptations
  • Tennessee Travel Temptations
  • Travel Agents and Travel Temptations
  • Travel Destination to Alaska
  • Travel Destination to New Mexico
  • Travel Temptations in Amsterdam
  • Travel Temptations in Iowa
  • Travel temptations on a Nile River Cruise Liner
  • Travel temptations through Nevada
  • Travel Temptations in Antigua
  • Travel Temptations in California
  • Travel Temptations in Canada
  • Travel Temptations in Chicago
  • Travel temptations in Colorado
  • Travel temptations in Hawaii
  • Travel temptations in Kentucky
  • Travel temptations in Montana
  • Travel temptations in New York
  • Travel Temptations in North Carolina
  • Travel Temptations in South Carolina
  • Travel Temptations in Oregon
  • Travel Temptations in Rome
  • Travel Temptations in South Dakota
  • Travel Temptations in the Bahamas
  • Travel Temptations in the Caribbean
  • Travel Temptations in the UK
  • Travel Temptations in Washington DC
  • Wisconsin Travel Temptations
  • Conclusion to Diploma in Travel & Tourism

Traveling Pointers & Pitfalls

  • Pointers for Gaining Access to Money While Traveling on the Road
  • A “Must-Do” Before Going on a Trip
  • Practical Packing Tips
  • Wellness Tips
  • Transportation Techniques
  • Shopping Pitfalls
  • Food and Dining Tips
  • Money, Money, Money Wits
  • The 6 Top Airport Scams and What to Do to Guard against Them
  • A Commonly Hidden Foreign Airport Warning
  • Don’t Prepay for that Gas
  • Surefire Ways to Guard against Air-Travel Tiredness
  • What to Do if a Person Becomes Ill While Traveling in Air?
  • The Best but Affordable Places to Eat while Traveling
  • How to Get Paid while Taking a Vacation


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