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Dog Socialization & Obedience Masterclass

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Holly and Hugo
18 Westland Square, Pearse St.,Dublin 2, Ireland 2 See in Google maps


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  • Obtain a certified diploma once you finish the course


Build a strong bond with your dog and learn how to fix their bad behaviors yourself!
There’s no doubt about it, dogs are EVERYONE’s best friend! But occasionally, every dog owner will go through phases where their lovable pooch acts more like a monster – and it can be a frustrating and difficult time. Some dogs have trouble adjusting when they are brought home for the first time, other dogs can be trained for years and then act out for seemingly no apparent reason. But what this course will teach you is that there is ALWAYS a reason for every dog behavior – and we’ll help you to recognize the psychological, emotional, and social motivations behind their actions.
This course will empower you to be your own dog behaviorist and training guru. When you work hands-on with your dog on training and obedience, it strengthens your bond and builds trust. Trainers and schools are expensive, stressful, and don’t always give you long-lasting results – because your dog is performing as opposed to learning. When you can correct your dog’s behavior, teach them new skills, and give them challenges, your dog will have more respect for you as a leader, and more love for you as an owner.

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Module 1: Building Trust Starts with You
  • The Dog Whisperer Philosophy
  • What Your Dog Needs from You
  • Take the Lead! Your Role as an Owner
  • The Power of Energy
  • Human Body Language
  • Using your Voice Effectively
Module 2: What’s Your Dog Thinking/Doing?
  • Hereditary Traits and Ancestry
  • Understanding Natural Instincts and Tendencies
  • How Dogs Learn, Communicate and Solve problems
  • Get fluent in “Dog” - Interpreting Barks and Howls
  • What’s Normal Dog Behavior?
  • How Dogs Change as They Age
Module 3: Correcting Domestic Behaviors
  • Overcoming Separation Anxiety
  • Chewing and Destruction
  • Excessive Barking or Howling
  • Digging, Clawing, and Escape Artists
  • Counter Surfing and Food Scavenging
  • Indoor Soiling and Housebreaking Problems
  • How to Handle Hyperactivity
Module 4: Correcting Social Behaviors
  • Aggression Towards Other Dogs or Animals
  • Aggression Towards People
  • Food and Toy Guarding
  • Bad Manners – Jumping, Humping, and Attention Seeking
  • How to Stop Biting and Nipping
  • Begging for Food and Toys
Module 5: Obedience
  • Working on Recall and Response
  • Walking on a Lead – No Pulling Allowed!
  • How to Stop Chasing Behaviors
  • Teaching Basic Commands –Sit-Stay-Stop
  • The Positive Reinforcement Method
  • Using Clicker Training
  • Crate Training and Time Outs


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