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Drafting Employee Handbooks and Company Policies: How to Make Them Solid but not Make Them Contracts


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What is "at will" employment?
• How a poorly drafted handbook or policy can erode the "at will" status of your employees
• How to protect your company from the top mistakes that employers make in drafting employee handbooks
• How to prevent claims of implied contract
• How to avoid using language that can give rise to claims of breach of implied contract
• What are the essential disclaimers your employee handbook should contain
• What are the essential policies that your handbook should contain? What policies should a company have but is not appropriate for a handbook?
• What are the essential policies that your employee handbook should contain
• How to have a well drafted anti-harassment policy that will protect you from future liability
• Why terms like probationary period and introductory period can be problematic
• How to write a progressive discipline policy that meets your needs but avoiding language that may make these policies a contract
• Training your supervisors not to say things contrary to your disclaimers in your handbooks

  • Overview: Broken promises lead to breach of contract claims. Employers use handbooks to show that they have provided valuable information to their employees and that they have been clear in the rules that employees must follow. They are invaluable tools if used correctly. But is your handbook giving employees a legal contract claims they might not otherwise have? How can you avoid this situation? 
  • Why should you Attend: If written properly, handbooks are a valuable tool in the workplace. Governmental agencies, courts and juries look to handbooks to determine your policies and whether you have been fair to your employees.
  • Handbooks written poorly will inevitably doom you. Poorly written handbooks cause confusion, inconsistency in the workplace, and increased litigation. As the author of a handbook or policy, any ambiguities will be construed against the employer which may nullify your disclaimers. This webinar will teach you to write your handbooks and policies to avoid contractual obligations but at the same time accomplish your purpose of informing employees of your expectations.


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