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The entrepreneur’s buyer persona creation guide

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Have you ever wondered why some business that has amazing products or services, far better that any of their competitors fail and go bankrupt while others, despite their average products, are very profitable?
Well if you already started a business, or you are looking in the near future to start one, no matter the niche you are going into, I bet you would want to know the answer to that question.
It’s something that so many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and salespeople overlook and don’t accord enough attention to because they think they already know exactly what to do.
The answer is simple and it represents a crucial factor in the success of any business, it’s KNOWING YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!
Sending the right message to the wrong audience can be a disaster for your business. It would be like trying to sell a snowboard to someone who lives in Jamaica, he would be neither interested or have a need for that product right?!
One of the best concepts that has become a POWERFUL TOOL for any entrepreneur, marketer or sales person out there for targeting the right audience at the perfect moment and with the right approach is THE “BUYER PERSONA” CONCEPT.
Being able to design the Buyer Personas for your business is like being able to know everything about your ideal buyer of your products or services. You become able to create a perfect and effective marketing strategy that brings you more sales, saves you money spent on advertising, increases profits up to a couple of times and creates new development opportunities for the future of your business.
Now let’s come back to you. If you are running a business or looking forward to starting one in the near future, I think that is clear as daylight now why is so important to know how to design the Buyer Persona for your business.
In this course, you will learn exactly what a Buyer Persona is, how to create, how to do research for it and which principles to follow when doing so.
Practically you will learn:

Course Curriculum

What is this Buyer Persona Concept?

Introduction to the Buyer Persona Concept


The Incredible Benefits of having a Buyer Persona


The Buyer Persona Profile


Research your way to success!

The Research Process


The Secret Tool inside of Facebook


Person-by-Person Research with Facebook


This Amazing Tool spies on your Competitor’s Audience!


How to yo your Research with Analytics


The Creation of your Buyer Persona

Creating your Buyer Persona


Buyer Persona Template Example 1


Buyer Persona Template Example 2


Use this tool to create your Buyer Persona directly online!


Finalize and Retouch

Things to do before having the Final Version of your Buyer Persona.


Final Thoughts and Conclusions



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