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Food Safety, Food Allergens & Health and Safety Bundle - Italian - Online Course


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The Training Terminal
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The Training Terminal offers a fresh approach to hospitality training courses that will leave you fully prepared for the employment path that you have ahead. Whether you are completing courses as a statutory part of your work or you want to learn a new skill to take your career forward, we provide you with the solution to your needs – and we offer it in 10 different languages.


  • An increasing field
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This Bundle Pack consists of 3 high quality level 2 courses namely Food Safety Level 2, Food Allergens Level 2 and Health and Safety Level 2. Food Safety covers all the essential aspects of food hygiene and safety and will give food handlers the required certification to work with food. Food Allergens covers all the essential information on dealing with allergens when preparing, serving and selling food – including the new regulations. Health and Safety will give you a thorough understanding of health and safety issues in the workplace, the relevant regulations and how you can prevent accidents from occurring. Available in 10 Languages. English, Polish, Spanish, Greek, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and German.

Food Safety covers the following key modules; Introduction to food safety, Personal hygiene, Food safety hazards and their control, Food handling, storage and preparation, Keeping the workplace clean and hygienic, Design of food premises and the control of pests followed by Multiple choice quiz.
Food Allergens covers the following modules; Introduction to Allergens, Allergies, food intolerances and Coeliac disease, Allergic reactions and their causes, The new food labelling regulations, Dealing with Allergens in non-packed foods followed by a Multiple Choice Quiz
Health and safety at work legislation and obligations, Risk assessments, Controlling accidents at work,  Manual handling and how to avoid common injuries,  Hazardous substances and their control (COSHH), Personal protective equipment (PPE), Display screen equipment (DSP) and associated injuries, Dealing with asbestos in the workplace, Fire prevention, First aid and emergencies, Health, hygiene, smoking and stress in the workplace followed by a Final Multiple Choice Quiz.


Thanks to this offer, valid exclusively for one person, you will obtain a Food Safety, Food Allergens & Health and Safety Bundle - Italian - Online Course.

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