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Getting Past the fluff: Behavioral Interviewing


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  • Built up your skills and push forward your career so you can succeed in today’s competitive world
  • Make your own study schedule and take advantage of online tutoring hours
  • Obtain a certified diploma once you finish the course.


• The structure of competence
• How to analyze a job's requirements
• Interview information categories
• The best predictor of future behavior
• Principles of good interviewing
• Errors to avoid
• Designing interview questions
• Follow-up probing
• Interpreting information
• Using multiple interviewers

  • T00he employment interview is the most common tool for deciding whom to hire. In many cases, unfortunately, it measures little other than the candidate's ability to tell the interviewer what he/she wants to hear hardly a basis for a hiring decision. 
  • The good news is that upping the predictive ability of the interview isn't difficult. It requires a bit of discipline and understanding of some very basic principles. This webinar will equip attendees with the tools to conduct more valid interviews and hire with greater competence and confidence. 
  • Starting with an understanding of what it takes to succeed in a job, this session will provide the practical tools to design, conduct, and evaluate the responses from the job interview in order to make a more accurate and informed decision about whom to hire. 
Why should you Attend:
  • The pre-employment interview is, by far, the most often used selection tool. Filling virtually any job requires an interview, even positions where speaking articulately isn't a requirement. Why is this case? Basically, interviewers consider themselves good judges of character. Unfortunately, the research is quite clear that unstructured interviews conducted by untrained people do no better than chance in predicting future job success. In other words, you could flip a coin or pick applicants out of a hat.
  • The good news is that increasing the predictive yield from interviews isn't all that difficult. With an understanding of some basic principles and a bit of practice and discipline, virtually any interviewer can increase his/her effectiveness.
  • This webinar will help any interviewer, from the novice to the 20-year veteran, in conducting more powerful and accurate interviews along with increasing the probability that a chosen candidate will accept your job offer. 


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