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Golf Psychology

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We’ve all seen it: A great golfer who succumbs to the pressure and chokes. Whether it be a nationally televised event, or a game between friends, the mental game has the power to paralyze even the most elite golfers on the course. And the result can be a hole in one champ who suddenly can’t seem to make the putt.

That’s because a good golf game comes down to more than just skill. There is a psychology involved. A mental fortitude required to rise above in a game that is so contingent upon a player’s ability to slow down, breathe, and make the shot. If your game has peaked, or worse yet, if your scores have started to fall, improvement is likely going to take more than just a few hours of putting practice. You can spend all the hours you want on the course, but until you overcome the mental game, you’ll continue to be your own worst enemy.

Module 1: Understanding the Mental Game
When Your Head’s Not in the Game
Common Stressors and Distractions
Cycle of Defeat
Self Fulfilling Prophecies
The Power of Thought

Module 2: Overcoming Mental Roadblocks
Reducing Stress
Embracing Pressure
Making Every Shot Count
Tuning Out the Noise
Just You and the Ball

Module 3: Visualization
Know Your Target
Picture the Shot
Slow Down
Realize Your Goal

Module 4: Power of Positivity
Focus on the Wins
Learn from the Losses
Play with Those Who Encourage Greatness
Positive Self Talk
Always Room to Grow

Module 5: Strategize
Sizing up the Course
Sizing up the Hole
Picking a Club
Avoiding Hazards
Fearing Nothing


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