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Learn to speak vietnamese for life


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This course is for anyone who wants to become fluent in the Vietnamese language or simply learn some conversational phrases and vocabulary before making a trip to Vietnam.

It’s also for anyone seeking to simply communicate with your Vietnamese friends or neighbors. It is designed to teach you Vietnamese in the shortest possible time frame by using the same strategies that I used when I first learned the language while living in Vietnam. I’ll teach you tricks and tips along the way that allow you to understand popular phrases and slang, as well as how to properly pronounce the difficult tones and accents of Vietnamese.I have structured the course into short, instructional videos that allow you to focus on one subject at a time without getting overloaded with too much information. I have adapted some of the grammar and sentence structures from the very popular language textbooks used at the University of Sociology and Language Arts in Ho Chi Ming City which are the core building blocks of the language.

Everything in the course is useful in everyday situations so you will never be spending time studying something that is not totally applicable in the real world right away. Most language courses have a lot of this kind of superfluous material which is quite inefficient and waste a lot of time covering unnecessary vocabulary and grammar rules. Our course is designed for efficiency AND proficiency.

Course Curriculum


Introduction Learn to Speak Vietnamese for Life


Useful Words and Phrases for Understanding

How to talk about receiving, recognizing, and appearing


How to talk about appearing, discovering, and understanding


How to talk about being threatened and revenge


How to talk about intentions, discussions, and enthusiasm

How to talk about intentions, plans, and alluding


How to talk about discussions, ideas, and opinions


How to talk about being offended, enthusiastic, or sympathizing


How to talk about performances, idioms, and the universe

How to describe performances, addictions, and listening


How to use idioms and traditional phrases


How to talk about weapons, war, and the universe


How to talk about childhood, neighbors, and the good old days

How to talk about your childhood, dreams, and never giving up


How to talk about your weight, being sore, and natural replies


How to talk about neighbors, the old days, and not wasting things


How to talk about blaming, pretending, and becoming

How to talk about being nervous, blaming, and speaking with no accent


How to talk about exaggerating, pretending, and emphasizing


How to talk about being calm, angry, and becoming



Conclusion Learn to Speak Vietnamese for Life



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