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Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies


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The course is designed to give you a well rounded knowledge of the subject and to give you the ability to carry on your studies at a higher level. At Level 3 you are not required to have any previous knowledge of the subject, as the materials will take you from no previous knowledge up to Level 3. For Level 5/HND subjects you will be required to have studied at Level 3 or above before enrolment.
Suitable for: SUITABLE FOR: This course is suitable for all students over the age of 17. Students can study on this course no matter where you are in the World. The course is made up of various units and each build up your knowledge base of the subject. Courses are all delivered in English.

Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies

Course Synopsis
This Quality Assured Level 3 Professional Diploma course has been designed to provide students with an understanding of how businesses work; how the world around them affects decision-making within a business; what leads to change and how businesses respond to these issues; and the range of perspectives that can be taken on business activities.

It also helps develop a range of important and transferable skills: data skills; presenting arguments and making recommendations on the basis of the available evidence; and problem solving.

Students will study a broad variety of business related topics ranging from finance to operations management to provide them with a sound understanding of the subject. This course is ideal for those hoping to study a business related course at higher or further education.

All of the modules have references to the textbook (non compulsory) and selected websites. At the end of each lesson is a set of self assessed examination preparation questions to help prepare for the final examination. After studying the module you should be able to answer these questions. If you struggle with any of them, go back and re-read the relevant section.

Course Content
The course is broken down into ten modules as follows:

Module One - Starting a Business

  • Enterprise
  • Generating and protecting business ideas
  • Transforming resources into goods and services
  • Developing business plans
  • Conducting start up market research
  • Understanding markets
  • Choosing the right legal structure for the business
  • Raising finance
  • Locating the business
  • Employing people

Module Two - Financial Planning

  • Calculating costs
  • Using Break-even analysis to make decisions
  • Using cash flow forecasting
  • Setting budgets
  • Assessing business start- ups

Module Three - Finance

  • Using budgets
  • Improving cash flow
  • Measuring and increasing profit

Module Four - People in Business

  • Organisational structures
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the workforce
  • Developing an effective workforce
  • Motivating employees

Module Five - Operations Management

  • Making operational decisions
  • Developing quality
  • Customer service
  • Working with suppliers
  • Using technology in operations

Module Six - Marketing and the Competitive Market

  • Effective marketing
  • Designing the marketing mix
  • Marketing mix: product
  • Marketing mix: promotion
  • Marketing mix: pricing
  • Marketing mix: place
  • Marketing and competitiveness

Module Seven - Marketing Strategies and Operations Management

  • Understanding marketing objectives
  • Analysing markets
  • Selecting marketing strategies
  • Developing marketing plans
  • Understanding operational objectives
  • Operational strategies: scale and resource
  • Operational strategies: innovation
  • Operational strategies: location
  • Operational strategies: lean production

Module Eight - Human Strategies, Financial Strategies and Accounts

  • HR objectives and strategies
  • Developing and implementing workforce plans
  • Competitive organisational structures
  • Effective employee/employer relations

Module Nine - The Business Environment

  • Businesses and economics
  • Businesses and the political and legal environment
  • Businesses and the social environment
  • Businesses and the technological environment
  • Businesses and the competitive environment

Module Ten - Managing Change

  • Internal causes of change
  • Planning for change
  • Key influences on change
  • Making strategic decisions
  • Implementing and managing change


Thanks to this offer, valid exclusively for one person, you will obtain a Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies.

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