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Life Coaching Level 4

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The Advanced Life Skills Coaching Diploma course is designed as a complete professional training package, incorporating a full range of therapeutical models in a complete holistic life skills coaching programme. The student will gain competence in modalities including; Basic Counselling, Psychoanalysis, CBT, Coaching, Advanced Coaching, Basic NLP and Self Hypnosis. These are all combined with the knowledge of how to work with support networks and other professionals, a well as how to set up in professional practice.
Suitable for: Students looking to gain an in depth knowledge into Life Coaching and set up a business of their own.

What is Life Coaching   

  • What to expect from the course 
  • What is coaching?
  • What are lifeskills
  • What elements of therapy are contained within life coaching

What do clients usually want from Life Coaching?

  • Typical presenting clients 
  • Typical presented problems
  • Typical presented goals 
  • Dealing with personal prejudices and opinions

Surface life coaching versus holistic life coaching?   

  • Behavioural therapy approach and rapid intervention 
  • Holistic theory and cycles of change 
  • Clients with deeper issues wanting only surface change 
  • Ethics of eliciting deeper change

Common misconceptions and errors   

  • Errors made by practitioners 
  • Mistaken beliefs about coaching 
  • Examining the role of the life coach

Areas and levels of change   

  • The different levels of life (looking at different models) 
  • Expectations from areas of life 
  • Imbalances in levels of life 
  • Dissonance between surface needs and driving needs

Counselling Skills   

  • What is counselling 
  • National Occupational Standards for Counselling

Counselling Skills continued   

  • Open questioning 
  • Basic methods (reflection, reframing, summary, challenge) 
  • Common errors 
  • Balancing listening and assessment 
  • Common models of counselling (Egan, Nelson etc.)

Basic Coaching Skills   

  • Determining validity of goals 
  • Determining ecology of goals 
  • Three stages of goal setting 
  • Working through the process 
  • Case study

Advanced Coaching Skills   

  • Specialised Coaching techniques

Coaching the client in relaxation techniques

  • Teaching basic relaxation methods, introduction 
  • Is it meditation or self hypnosis? 
  • Models of visualisation 
  • Models of personal affirmations 
  • Safety Precautions with teaching aids e.g. tapes

Coaching the client in altered states

  • Is it self hypnosis or NLP? 
  • Eliciting different states of relaxation, concentration, elation 
  • Choosing emotional states and ensuring ecology 
  • Anchoring emotional and physical states at will 
  • Performing exercises with the client 
  • Ensuring the client can continue to adapt and expand 
  • Training aids: Log book, handouts, tapes etc.
  • Recommended books and topics to read

Coaching the client in Behavioural change

  • Safety, fears, ecology and good practice 
  • Image manipulation 
  • Advanced use of anchoring
  • Affirmations in relaxed state
  • Affirmations in waking state

Coaching the Client in advanced behavioural changes

  • Using principles of CBT 
  • CBT principles with the client 
  • CBT as homework 
  • Self analysis using CBT

CBT continued (Part II: Toxic thoughts)

Basic Psychoanalysis theory and useful techniques

  • Analysis in coaching 
  • Topic association method

Referral and working with other practitioners

  • Knowing when the case is too complex 
  • Referral to other practitioners 
  • Protecting yourself 
  • Professional clients “the heart sick” 
  • Cooperating with other practitioners
  • Cooperating with Medical Doctors

Emotional issues and case studies   

  • Confidence 
  • Self Esteem 
  • Self Image 
  • Behavioural versus holistic 
  • Case study

Deeper emotional issues and case studies

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Phobias and Fears 
  • Ensuring appropriate advertising, referral and practice 
  • Case study

Weight Loss and Control   

  • Lifestyle issues
  • Assisting the client in choosing a diet plan 
  • Assisting the client in choosing an exercise plan 
  • Boundaries of the life coach in weight loss advice 
  • Ensuring appropriate advertising and practice 
  • Case study

Stop Smoking Coaching

  • Lifestyle issues 
  • Positive versus negative methods 
  • Visualisation methods 
  • Motivational counselling methods 
  • Self help techniques 
  • Learning aids e.g. tapes and handouts 
  • Case study

Performance Coaching   

  • Common types of performance coaching 
  • Sports performance coaching 
  • Business performance coaching 
  • Public speaking coaching 
  • Boundaries of the life coach in performance coaching 
  • Case study

Faith and Spiritual issues

  • Common types
  • What is spiritual and what is faith? 
  • Grief and bereavement 
  • Abuse 
  • Religious imposition 
  • Fear of the future 
  • Supporting without converting 
  • Working within existing faith models 
  • Case study

Anger and Stress Management Coaching   

  • Safety concerns, confidentiality and referral 
  • Addressing lifestyle issues 
  • Relaxation therapy 
  • Nutrition issues 
  • Relationship issues 
  • Underlying causes 
  • Behavioural change 
  • Working with other professionals 
  • Case study

Working with couples or groups

  • Typical presented issues 
  • Initial meeting and planning response 
  • Facilitating discussions 
  • Homework and agreements 
  • When to refer and working alongside other professionals


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