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Life Coaching: Start Up Your Own Life Coaching Business - Online Course

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Renaissance Life Therapies
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Welcome to Renaissance Life Therapies – The home of online therapy and e-learning. Renaissance Life Therapies are an intimate team of highly experienced professionals, offering a number of therapies and online training courses in therapeutic subjects. We’re passionate about people and we love what we do. We believe that when we’re free of emotional and psychological problems, we are able to live our lives to the fullest and reach our potential, for a life without limits. By looking after our mental health, we naturally improve the quality of our life. Good mental health, strengthens and supports our ability to maintain good physical health, as well as helping us to have happy, healthy relationships and to make good life choices. In order to ensure that everyone is able to access our services, we’re now open for business, 24 hours every day, 7 days a week!


  • Life coaches are almost universally entrepreneurs
  • Make your own study schedule and take advantage of online tutoring hours
  • Obtain accreditation and a diploma as well as 10 hours of CPD Credit once you finish the course.


What life coaching looks like is not something that is set in stone, but rather an area of constant development.

The modern life coach, is not about accumulating various qualifications, in fact the modern life coach doesn’t need any qualifications.

What you do need is an array of skills, and this start up your own life coaching business course has been designed, to teach you all the skills you need, to be able to set up your own practice and have it running in a matter of weeks!

Whatever your level of coaching ability is at the moment, advanced, intermediate, or a complete beginner, this start up your own life coaching business course will provide you with everything you need, to start up your own coaching practice.

Here's the course syllabus:

Introduction To Life Coaching

What Does A Life Coach Do

Diversity As A Coach

Is Being A Life Coach Right For Me

Your Coaching Toolkits

Resources To Use With Your Clients

Resources: Making Changes, Breaking Habits, Motivation and General Life Coaching

Resources: Career

Resources: Health, Well Being, Anxiety and Stress

Resources: Relationships

Resources: Self Esteem and Confidence

Resources: Assertiveness

Does My Client Need Counselling Rather Than Coaching

I’m A Coach Not A Therapist

Fundamental Differences

How Can I Tell If My Client Needs Therapy Rather Than


Covering The Basics

A Refresher on The Basic Skills of Coaching

Life Coaching Basics: Listening

Life Coaching Basics: Questioning

Being Client Centred

The Clean Language Model - Using Case Studies

The Clean Language Model

Clean Language Questions

Clean Language Examples and Developing Questions

Sequence and Source Questions

Using The SMART Model - “Coaching Mary”

Case Study: Using The SMART Model

Specific Goal Setting

Applying The Specifics To Mary

Measurable Goal Setting

Measuring Mary’s Goals

Attainable Goal Setting

Are Mary’s Goals Achievable?

Relevant Goal Setting

Timely Goal Setting

Applying The “T” To Mary

Using The TGROW Model - “Coaching Jenna”

The TGROW Model in Practice

Exploring The Topic

Coaching Jenna: Part 1

Setting Specific Goals

Coaching Jenna: Part 2

Assessing Reality

Coaching Jenna: Part 3

Exploring Options

Coaching Jenna: Part 4

Wrapping Up and The Way Forward

Wrapping Up With Jenna

Working For Yourself

Running A Coaching Business

What You Don’t Need To Run A Coaching Business

What You Do Need To Run A Coaching Business

Where Do I Get Clients

Strategising Your Marketing

How Can I Source Business

Content Marketing

Good Old Fashioned Networking

Professional Consultation Skills

How Much Should I Charge?

21st Century Coaching

21st Century Coaching

Coaching International Clients

Looking After Yourself!

All Work and No Play

Staying Healthy



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