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Mentoring Employees: How to Unlock Potential, Enhance Loyalty, and Boost Productivity


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• Business value of Mentoring
• Personal and Professional Growth Mentoring
• Creating a continuous Learning Environment through Mentoring
• Creating Engaged Employees through Mentoring
• Why Mentoring is on the increase in Organizations

  • There are many challenges that organizations and people are facing today. The environments that we live and work in are constantly changing. Organizations are looking for ways to unlock the potential of their employees, create an environment that inspires loyalty and boost the productivity of employees.
  • This webinar will look to address these challenges through "The Gift of Mentoring." Mentoring is quickly becoming a valued business solution to these challenges. Organizations are also facing a leadership talent shortage, an aging work force, talent shortages, mobile work force, lack of succession planning and succession development, disengaged work force to name but a few. 
  • This webinar will look at the business value of mentoring. Statistics clearly show the value that organizations and their people see when mentoring is embraced as part of the organizational culture. Creating a mentoring movement within an organization is a powerful tool. We will explore the aspect of personal and professional growth through the power of mentoring. You will see how important it is to understand and address the personal side in a mentoring arrangement. Failure to do so can result in professional growth blockages. 
  • This webinar will explore what a mentoring movement/culture looks like and how it can create a continuous learning environment. With a combination of formal and informal mentoring in place the foundation has been laid for continuous learning and growing. 
  • We will take a look at where we are today with engagement on a global perspective. Not much has changed regarding the ability of organizations to wrap their hands around the engagement factor in their organization. Mentoring is most definitely a way for us to be able to do that. Research has shown that a mentoring movement/program is a solution to the engagement problem. 
  • Creating those trusted relationships through the mentoring process provides leaders and managers with the tools to help unlock the potential of their employees. The tools that are part of their mentoring tool kit are tools that are transferable to their home, community and work place. 
  • This webinar will provide some insight into what some of these tools are. We will touch on relationship building and what that can do for us as well as effective communication. In the majority of the research that I have done in organizations those two things are predominantly the main cause of dissension within the organization. Sadly it is evident at all levels in the organization. 
  • This is a webinar that you cannot afford to miss. It will unlock the door to "The Gift of Mentoring" and provide you the insight needed to embrace mentoring as a business solution in your organization and to spearhead your personal growth. 
Why should you Attend:
  • Organizations are continue to struggle with how to get the most from their employees and acknowledge the value that they bring to the organization. Organizations that can demonstrate to their employees that they are truly the most important part of the success of the organization are organizations that are successful. 
  • Mentoring is quickly becoming a valuable process that organizations are implementing. A winning combination is one where informal and formal mentoring are blended into the culture of the organization resulting in a positive work environment that engages, empowers and creates a sense of accountability for all who are part of the organization. 
  • This webinar will unlock the mentoring secret and will explore a number of different approaches to mentoring. If you have any doubt about whether or not mentoring can bring value to your organization then this is the webinar that you cannot afford to miss. 
  • With so much change taking place in the world today we struggle to find that life preserver that helps us make sense of the changes and provides us with the tools to remain afloat. Mentoring is that life preserver and it can help us navigate through the change process as our organization continues to grow. 
  • With a mentor program in your organization employees will be more productive, will be loyal to the organization and will prosper and grow in a work environment of continuous growth and learning. 
  • This is definitely a webinar that you must attend. 


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