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Microsoft Excel Complete Online Course - Beginner , Intermediate & Advanced - Best Selling Accredited Complete Excel

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Microsoft Excel – Full Course - Beginners , Intermediate & Advanced - CPD & IVCAS Accredited - Bestselling Complete Excel Course -

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We have combined our Microsoft Excel Beginners , Intermediate and Advanced Courses to make the most in-depth, bestselling value for money Complete Excel Course on the market and for we are offering this course for only £29!

One of the most widely used programmes in the world for visualising and analysing data is Microsoft Excel. This software is used in almost every industry, not to mention for personal use in households around the world. Small business owners rely on Excel to track hours, finances, and invoices, and large corporations rely on Excel for data analysis, to visualise data, and innumerable other tasks.

Whether you are brand new to the world of Excel, or you have training and knowledge of the software and looking to improve your skills, this series of courses can help. By the time you finish the beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, you, too, will be an expert in Excel.

You can learn at your own pace, as there is no time limit nor deadline to complete the courses. You can also access these courses from any mobile device, including tablets, computers, and mobiles, as long as you have access to the internet.

Since the lessons in this course are only a few minutes each, it makes it very convenient for one to stop and start when necessary. This helps to study when you have time, even if you have less than 10 minutes or 15 minutes.

Beginners Course Modules/Lessons

Module 1: Introduction to Excel

Module 2 : Add

Module 3 : Multiply

Module 4 : Subtraction in Excel

Module 5 : Dividing

Module 6 : Sort

Module 7 : Percentage

Module 8 : Running Totals

Module 9 : Print

Module 10 : Paste Special

Module 11 : Merge

Module 12 : Filter

Module 13 : Average

Module 14 : AVERAGEIF

Module 15: SUMIF Formula

Module 16: IF Formula

Module 17: VLOOKUP

Module 18: HLOOKUP

Module 19 : Countif Formula

Module 20 : CountBlank

Module 21 : Counta Formula

Module 22 : Count Formula

Module 23 : Concatenate

Module 24 : Transpose

Module 25: Date Formula

Module 26: Month Formula

Module 27: Pivot Tables

Module 28: Pie Charts

Module 29: Doughnut Charts

Module 30: Line Charts

Module 31: Column Charts

Module 32: Bar Charts

Module 33: Number Formatting

Module 34: Create Borders

Module 35: Conditional Formatting

Module 36: Comments FAQ's

Intermediate Course Modules/Lessons

Module 1: SumProduct Formula

Module 2 : Data Validation With Date

Module 3 : Data Validation with Whole Numbers

Module 4 : Data Validation with List Feature

Module 5 : ABS Function

Module 6 : CHAR Function

Module 7 : CLEAN Function

Module 8 : CODE Function

Module 9 : EXACT Function

Module 10 : AVERAGEA Function

Module 11 : AVERAGEIF

Module 12 : AVERAGEIFS Function

Module 13 : CELL Function With 10 Variations

Module 14 : LARGE Function

Module 15: MAX Function

Module 16: MEDIAN Function

Module 17: MIN Function

Module 18: MODE Function

Module 19 : N Function

Module 20 : RANDBETWEEN Function (Insert Random Numbers)

Module 21 : RANK Function

Module 22 : Remove Duplicate Values

Module 23 : ROUND Function Up/Down

Module 24 : Add Custom Background Image

Module 25: Change Text To Lower Case

Module 26: Change Text To Upper Case

Module 27: Change Text To Proper Case

Module 28: Insert Special Character

Module 29: Use Autofill : A Time Saving Trick

Module 30: Treemap Chart

Module 31: Sunburst Chart

Module 32: Use Tables

Module 33: Use Templates

Module 34: Use Themes

Advanced Course Modules/Lessons

Module 1: Add a Password

Module 2 : AND Function

Module 3 : Auto Updating Drop-down Lists

Module 4 : CEILING Formula

Module 5 : Charts that Update Automatically

Module 6 : CHOOSE Formula

Module 7 : Compare 2 Lists with VLOOKUP Function

Module 8 : CORREL Function

Module 9 : Create an Advanced Calculator

Module 10 : Create a Combo Chart

Module 11 : Create a Custom Tab

Module 12 : Create a Pivot Chart

Module 13 : Create Visual In-cell Indicators

Module 14 : Create Visual In-cell Indicators with Icon Sets

Module 15: Customise the Status Bar

Module 16: DATEDIF Function

Module 17: DATEVALUE Function

Module 18: DAVERAGE Function

Module 19 : DCOUNT Function

Module 20 : DCOUNTA Function

Module 21 : Depreciation Formula

Module 22 : DGET Function

Module 23 : DMAX Function

Module 24 : DPRODUCT

Module 25: DSUM Function

Module 26: EDATE Function

Module 27: EOMONTH Function

Module 28: Find and Replace

Module 29: FIND Function

Module 30: INDEX Function

Module 31: Index and Match Formula

Module 32: Indirect Formula

Module 33: Insert Serial Number Automatically

Module 34: IPMT Formula

Module 35: Isblank Formula

Module 36: Iserr Formula

Module 37: Islogial Formula

Module 38: Isnon Text Formula

Module 39: IsNumber Formula

Module 40: Isodd Formula

Module 41: Isolate First Name

Module 42: ISTEXT Formula

Module 43: Left Formula

Module 44: Len Formula

Module 45: Match Formula

Module 46: Vlookup Multiple Results at Once

Module 47: OR Formula

Module 48: PMT Formula

Module 49: Replace Formula

Module 50: Select all Cells with Comments

Module 51: Sparkline Charts in Excel

Module 52: Straight Line Depreciation

Module 53: Strikethrough

Module 54: Sum of Years Depreciation

Module 55: Timeline in Pivot Table

Module 56: Vlookup with 2 Criteria

Module 57: Vlookup with DropDown List

Module 58: Vlookup with Max

Module 59: Vlookup with Min

Module 60: Watch Window In Excel


Thanks to this offer, valid exclusively for one person, you will obtain a Microsoft Excel Complete Online Course - Beginner , Intermediate & Advanced - Best Selling Accredited Complete Excel.

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