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Music Production For Beginners


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This bundle will take you through every step of the journey to understanding CBT. You will receive an introduction to the topic, form an understanding of what CBT is, how it works and how you can begin practicing CBT today. You will also learn in greater detail how this form of therapy relates to both physical and mental well-being, before learning about the application of CBT for practical reasons such as counselling and the treatment of psychosis.

An Introduction to CBT will provide you with an insight into the CBT model and how this form of psychology works to improve mental health. Specifically, you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of CBT and how this relates to the treatment of psychological disorders. You will gain knowledge of how negative thoughts affect our actions, and how this can be combated.

CBT for Mental and Physical Wellbeing will teach you about how to develop a more focused mind. By focusing on improving memory, attention and problem-solving skills, this course will also lead on to using these tools to undo the negative cognitive side-effects of modern technology.

CBT for Psychosis will apply everything you have learnt in the first two courses with a specific approach to treating psychosis. You will learn about the nature of psychosis, and how certain elements of this condition can be addressed using the CBT model. Through this, you will also learn about some of the symptoms and causes of psychosis and the negative effect this has on daily life.

Counselling and CBT Training will equip you for the next stage in your learning of CBT. You will learn about how this unique form of therapy is relevant to your life, and to others around you. You will receive in-depth information on how to use what you have learnt in this bundle for the purpose of self-help therapy, as well as learning advance counselling skills to begin your journey to recovery, or becoming your own CBT therapist.

Course Programme
  • Introduction
  •     Introduction
  •     Say hi to your fellow students and tell them why you're taking the course!
  •     Share your new course with family and friends!
  • Build Your Dream Studio
  •     Build Your Own Production Studio
  •     Picking Your DAW
  •     Handout - Build your own studio (Plan)
  •     Handout - Build your own studio (Action Step)
  • Music Production Fundamentals
  •     Music Production Fundamentals
  •     How to Count Bars - Simple Technique
  •     Critical Listening Exercise
  •     Handout - Music Fundamentals (Action Step)
  • Building The Beat
  •     Beat Making Process
  •     Building The Beat
  •     Editing The Beat
  •     Building The Beat Exercise
  •     Handout - Building the beat (Action Step)
  • Arranging The Beat (Song Format)
  •     Arranging The Beat - The Essential Sections
  •     Arranging The Beat - The Song Format
  •     Arranging The Beat (Action Step)
  • Mixing The Beat
  •     Essential Mixing Tips and Tricks
  •     Mixing Tips - Live Example, The Basics
  •     Mixing Tips - Live Example
  •     Mixing The Beat (Action Step)
  • Bouncing Down Your Music
  •     Creating A Finished Product
  •     How to Create Your Own Beat Tag
  •     How to Create Your Own Beat Tag (Continued)
  •     Audio Quality Settings
  •     Handout - Conclusion (Action Step 7)
  • Course Quiz
  •     Course Quiz

What does the course include

  •     Includes 26 lectures with over 1.5 hours of video content
  •     Learn about the importance of song structure and how to arrange your beats so that artists can easily record songs to accompany your music
  •     Build a professional production studio that will help you create better sound and kick start your career in music production.
  •     Learn about the recording process and essential editing and mixing tips.
  •     This course is an essential introduction for students new to music production and who are serious about improving their sound.


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