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Photoshop: quick & easy animation like a professional

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Are you ready to take your videos to the next level?This easy to follow course will help you make original, custom animations using Adobe Photoshop that look professional and can be used as stand-alone movies (without needing any other software) or in combination with other video, animation, and multimedia software programs for a full range of effects and purposes. FREE 30 day trials of Photoshop are available at Adobe’s website.In this course you will learn my very favorite animation and video rotoscoping techniques to create powerful multimedia projects ranging from laughably simple (think stick figures waving) to more sophisticated and complex (such as my own award-winning series of films screened internationally in film festivals and online since 2002.)In this course you’ll learn step by step how to:Harness the power of Photoshop to create simple or complex frame by frame animations, with or without using Photoshop’s timeline.
Easily turn a regular video into a stop-motion animated video by making simple frame rate adjustments.
Apply a full range of effects to your video to create animated elements or a stand-alone animation even if you CAN’T DRAW.
Coax Photoshop to animate objects and layers for you (without having to draw anything) by making position, size, and opacity changes, to name just a few possibilities.
Craft multiple effects at once to create more complex final animations by using multiple layers.
Capture complex movements by bringing in video, drawing right over it, and (optionally) throwing the video guide out so all that is left is your new animation with its sophisticated movements. (That’s rotoscoping!)I start from the very beginning using Adobe Photoshop. Free 30 day trials of Photoshop are available from Adobe’s website BUT many of the techniques I show you in this course (such as frame by frame animation) can be achieved in virtually any imaging software combined with your favorite video editing program. the “Take This...

Course Curriculum


Introduction to Animate in Photoshop!


Why Use Photoshop to Animate? How I Use Photoshop in Multimedia. A Case Study


Setting Up to Animate in Photoshop: Tools and Resources

Royalty-Free and Public Domain Video Resources


Setting Up to Animate in Photoshop: Windows and Tools


Importing Your Video and Working With Different Video Formats


Make a Quick & Dirty Stop Motion Animation By Adjusting Your Frames Per Second


Animating in Photoshop: Some Techniques You Can Try

Drawing Right Over Your Video and Making a Simple Frame By Frame Animation


Using the Onion Skin Options to Make More Decisive Drawings (Frame By Frame)


Use the “Wiggle” Technique to Get More Mileage Out of Your Drawings (Looping)


Let’s Have Photoshop Animate For Us (Position, Scaling, Opacity, Rotation, etc.)


Rotoscoping and Animating the Frame By Frame Way (*The Essence of How I Work


Adding Filters and Other Special Effects to Your Video (For Good or For Evil)


Turning a Video Into an Animated Painting With Brushes


Exporting the Final Video From Photoshop


New: Make Animated Gifs in Photoshop for Your Site or Social Media Pages

How to Create a Simple Animated Gif in Photoshop


How to Create a Quick & Dirty (But Beautiful) Animated Gif Slideshow


Resources and Conclusion

Top Social Media Platforms and Websites For Filmmakers and Animators



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