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Psychology A2


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The course is designed to give you a well rounded knowledge of the subject and to give you the ability to carry on your studies at a higher level. At Level 3 you are not required to have any previous knowledge of the subject, as the materials will take you from no previous knowledge up to Level 3. For Level 5/HND subjects you will be required to have studied at Level 3 or above before enrolment.
Suitable for: SUITABLE FOR: This course is suitable for all students over the age of 17. Students can study on this course no matter where you are in the World. The course is made up of various units and each build up your knowledge base of the subject. Courses are all delivered in English.

A Level in Psychology (A2) 2181

Course Synopsis
Oxford College offer this full A level course in Psychology. The course aims to give you some fundamental and lasting insights into behaviour and thought processes which will help you cope with the challenges of life, both for yourself and those you come into contact with. As well as learning about behaviour and thought processes you will also learn how to express yourself coherently, how to challenge and evaluate information presented to you and how scientific information is produced.

Psychology is a dynamic, ever changing subject with new information and studies constantly confirming or challenging existing theories and producing new ones. The subject matter of psychology is uniquely around and within you, it is essential that you are curious about the why's and how's of behaviour and thought processes in all settings from cradle to grave, from successful relationships (parent-child, work colleagues or romantic) to the best ways to utilize your memory.

The AS Level psychology course consists of 6 modules, 3 for each unit, (an additional module on psychological methodology is included in unit 1, which will allow you to assess the studies in the other two parts). The modules are further broken down into clear subject topics. At the end of each topic is a set of key words, which you should be able to define as a revision exercise, as well as activities throughout the text to ensure understanding of important aspects of the topic. Topic coverage may vary in length and difficulty depending on the level of detail and information required. You will need to study the modules in the sequence provided. There are three tutor marked assignments associated with each unit which should be sent to your tutor, as well as an introductory assignment to introduce yourself to your tutor.

Like the majority of academic subjects at A level, Psychology has its own distinct set of terms. You will be expected not only to recognise and understand these terms in examination papers, but be able to use them correctly in your answers. Psychology also contains many examples of research and theories you will be required to know methodological details and results of many of these. Students are recommended to have a notebook or index cards to develop a file of key words and Studies/researchers as you go along in order to help with revision and evaluation skills.

Course Format and assessment
This new specification (from September 2008) reflects the changes that the Qualifications Curriculum Authority have implemented to classify psychology as a science. This means that in addition to the psychological subject matter in previous specifications students are now required to study psychological research and methodology as an integral part of the course rather than in isolation.
The new format also reduced the number of units to be studied from 6 to 4, with 2 being studies at AS level and 2 at A2.

AS Level

AS Examinations

Unit 1 - PSYA1
Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Research Methods
50% of the total AS marks, 25% of the total A2 marks.
Length of exam. 1 hour 30 minutes
Structured compulsory questions based on Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Research Methods. Questions include short answer, stimulus material and one 12-mark question requiring extended writing in which QWC (quality of written communication) will be assessed.
Available January and June.

Unit 2 - PSYA2
Biological Psychology, Social Psychology and Individual Differences
50% of the total AS marks, 25% of the total A2 marks
Examination Length: 1 hour 30 minutes.
Three compulsory structured questions, one based on the Biological Psychology content, one based on the Social Psychology content and one based on the Individual Differences content.
Questions include short answer, stimulus material and one or more 12-mark questions requiring extended writing in which QWC will be assessed.
Available January and June.

A2 Examinations

Unit 3 - PSYA3
Topics in Psychology. 25% of the total A Level marks
1 hour 30 minutes
Three essay-style questions chosen from eight topics, the following four are available in this course.
(c) Relationships
(d) Aggression
(g) Intelligence and learning
(h) Cognition and development
QWC will be assessed in each essay Available January and June.

Unit 4 - PSYA4
Psychopathology, Psychology in Action and Research Methods
25% of the total A Level marks. 2 hours.
Three sections
Psychopathology: One essay-style question on Depression. QWC will be assessed in this essay.
Psychology in Action: One question on Addiction
Research Methods: One compulsory structured question.
Available January and June
AS + A2 = A Level

Assessment Objectives
All questions are set in order to test a student's ability to demonstrate the following assessment objectives.
The course has 3 assessment objects.

AO1 - Recognise, recall and show understanding of scientific knowledge, select, organise and communicate relevant information in a variety of forms

AO2 - Analyse and evaluate scientific knowledge, apply knowledge and processes to unfamiliar situations, assess the validity, reliability and credibility of scientific information

AO3 - Describe ethical, safe and skilful practical techniques and processes, know how to make, record, and communicate valid observations, analyse, interpret, explain and evaluate the methodology and investigative activities in a variety of ways.

Weighting of Assessment objectives in units
The 3 assessment objectives above are weighted slightly differently with the different units, with emphasis moving from description to analysis, evaluation and practical skills which become increasingly important throughout the course.

In Unit 1 AO1, AO2 and AO3 are weighted equally.
In Unit 2, AO1 and AO2 are weighted approximately double that of AO3.
In Unit 3. AO1 is worth 9/25, AO2 12/25 and AO3 4/25.
In Unit 4, AO1 is worth 6/25, AO2 8/25 and AO3 10/25.
(Numbers have been rounded).

The topics have been arranged for ease of understanding and topic coverage so may be of different length and difficulty. You will need to study them in sequence.

The AS course is laid out as follows:

Unit 1
Topic 1Psychology, psychologists and research methods.
Initial assignment. Introduction to Tutor.Topic 2Investigation design, data, data analysis and preparation.

Assignment 1Section ATopic 3Memory. Models of memory and memory in everyday life.

Assignment 2Section BTopic 4Early social development. Attachment. Attachments in everyday life.

Assignment 3

Unit 2Topic 5Biological psychology. Stress as a bodily response. Everyday stress.

Assignment 4Topic 6Social Influence and social influence in everyday life.

Assignment 5Topic 7Psychopathology. Definitions and explanations. Treatment of abnormality.

Assignment 6Topic 8Preparing for the AS exam.

The A2 course is laid out as follows:

Unit 3Topic 9RelationshipsTopic 10Agression

Assignment 7Topic 11Intelligence and learning

Assignment 8Topic 12Cognition and development

Assignment 9

Unit 4Topic 13Psychopathology. Depression

Assignment 10Topic 14Psychology in action. Addiction.

Assignment 11Topic 15Psychological research and scientific method.

Previous Knowledge
No requirement to have studied psychology previously. A pass at A-C GCSE in English and mathematics is desirable, but no formal qualifications are required. Although those who find reading and understanding broadsheet newspapers difficult will find the course more challenging.

Study Hours
Approximately 250 hours.

AS/A2 A Level in Psychology. Both AS and A2 courses and examinations must be successfully completed to gain a full A level.

Specification: AQA (Full A Level) 2180, AQA (AS) 1181 and AQA (A2) 2181

If you are based outside the UK, it may be possible to sit your examinations through your local British council depending on your location. Please contact the examination board AQA for details on examination centres in your country.


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