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Spanish Course 6 months Access + certification from £29 instead of £118

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  • Learning Spanish was never so easy! Make your own study schedule and take advantage of online tutoring hours
  • Obtain a certified diploma once you finish the course.


Spanish123 contains 4 levels addressed to beginners and intermediate students. Each level contains 22 lessons composed of multimedia activities, dialogues, films, photolessons and songs.

There is more than 450 interactive exercises in the course, which means more than 320 hours of study! Answers to exercises are checked automatically. You can practise grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension and even pronunciation in this way.

And you have a lot of fun too! It's because we provide you with multimedia components of the course: games, films in HD, songs and photolessons.
You learn from native speakers in order to acquire good pronunciation. It's your individual work: you decide how fast, when and where you study.

You are also able to check your progress regularly. You just need an Internet connection!

The course has been prepared according to the 123 method designed by an international team of specialists: language teachers and native speakers. The method teaches natural language usage by creating different communication situations.

Spanish123 offers also a unique interactive pronunciation training module. A speech recognition algorithm allows the user to check the pronunciation of words and phrases. A microphone and headphones are the only technical requirements.

More information: http://spanishcourse123.com


With level 1, you will learn, among others:
• Create simple sentences with verbs like estar, ser, tener, etc.
• Introduce yourself and report on your age
• Ask and give basic information
• Express your opinions and preferences
• Narrating events
• Ask for addresses and provide indications
• Ask and tell time
• Describe people and animals and their characteristics

With Level 2, you learn, among others:
• Recognize the different modes of narration 
• Talk about your daily activities and habits
• Ask for detailed information
• Accurately describe people and animals

Level 3, you will learn among others:
• Introduce the members of your family
• Describe photos
• Use expressions related to purchases and sales
• Descriptions make both physically and feelings
• Ask the state of health and spirits
• Identify objects, and yourself to the environment
• Used expressions related to weather vocabulary, body parts and objects for home

Level 4, you will learn among others:
• Identify objects and people using prepositions
• Talk about your home and surroundings
• Accurately describe the nature and climate
• Support your opinion
• Discuss the duties and obligations
• Describe the typical activities of each season
• Express your plans for the future
• Use vocabulary inside the house, hobbies and interests


Thanks to this offer, valid exclusively for one person, you will obtain an Spanish Course 6 months Access + certification from £29 instead of £118.

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