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Stock Market Trading - Trading with Non-conventional Techniques

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eduCBA brings you this amazing course on Trading with Non-conventional Techniques, in which any beginner will be able to understand all the concepts.

eduCBA brings you the course on Trading with Non-conventional Techniques.
Normal Trading technique teaches to buy when market moving up and vice versa, but in this technique we will be buying when market is going down and sell when market is on high.
In Technical Analysis, traders are taught to buy the stocks when market is going up.
They use indicators which are lagging in nature.
Due to this their profit percentage gets reduced.
Instead of this we are teaching them to buy the stock when market is going down.
We are teaching them when to enter the market along with stop loss and nearly precised Targets.
We are teaching to locate market turning points and to identify support and resistance levels on charts.
We also teach risk management techniques in favorable and non favorable market conditions with the help of support and resistance levels and with some indicators.


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