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Supervising People - Complete Course

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One of the UK's leading providers of open and in-house training courses in Management, Sales, Business Skills, Secretarial and Support. Courses are held at various locations throughout the UK on a range of dates. Online training courses also available. Please visit our website www.spearhead-training.co.uk for further details.


  • Learn how to make the transition from team member to a supervisor
  • Make your own study schedule and take advantage of online tutoring hours
  • Obtain a certified diploma once you finish the course.


Learn how to make the transition from team member to a supervisor
Learn how to supervise the people who report to you
Understand what you must do to be a motivational supervisor
Brush up your communication skills and learn how to give effective feedback
Learn how to train the people who report to you so they are high performers
Learn how to supervise people you find ""difficult""
Become an excellent delegator
Learn how to plan and run a performance review meeting
Learn how to manage and prioritise your valuable time

Module 1 – The New Supervisor

  • Why supervisors are needed
  • Moving into a supervisory position
  • The five functions
  • Organisational expectations
  • Key responsibilities
  • Your team’s expectations
  • Common reasons why new supervisors fail
  • The key competencies you need to succeed

Module 2 – Supervising People

  • The Supervisor and Quality 
  • Standards of Performance 
  • How to set standards 
  • Work allocation 
  • Providing Clear Instructions 
  • The key principles of effective monitoring 
  • What should you Monitor? 
  • How should you Monitor?

Module 3 –Motivating Your Team

  • Motivation and Your Role 
  • Signs that people are motivated
  • The three Components of Motivation at work
  • Review of Key Motivation Theories 
  • Actions of the Motivational Supervisor
  • Motivating Your Team and Motivating Yourself

Module 4 – Communication Skills

  • Why we need to be effective communicators
  • Some problems of communication
  • Techniques for Active listening
  • Better Questioning
  • Communicating clearly
  • Planning communications
  • How to keep your team informed

Module 5 – Feedback Skills

  • Feedback – what is it?
  • Why it is important to give and get feedback
  • Observing people’s Performance
  • Key Principles for Better Feedback
  • Giving Effective Praise
  • Why Criticising is difficult to do
  • Giving Constructive Criticism
  • How to Receive Feedback
  • Common Feedback Misconceptions  

Module 6 – Delivering effective on-the-job training

  • The importance of training and developing your team
  • Your role in training people
  • The three elements of development
  • Understanding how people develop
  • The stages of training people
  • Providing opportunities for development
  • The qualities you need to train people
  • Telling vs. training
  • The basics of learning
  • The cycle of training
  • Training Tips
  • Coaching and the two different styles
  • GROW coaching

Module 7 – Supervising Difficult People

  • Workplace Relationships
  • The different personality types you can encounter
  • Understanding conflict and its costs
  • The ten stages for managing a people problem
  • Being assertive
  • Working with your “difficult” people

Module 8 – Delegation Skills

  • What is it?
  • Why Supervisors find delegation hard
  • The Benefits of doing it
  • The process to follow when Delegating
  • Deciding What to and what not to Delegate
  • Selecting who to Delegate To
  • The steps of delegating a task
  • Controlling delegation
  • Overcoming you blocks to Delegating
  • Overcoming your staff’s reluctance to be delegated to
  • What to do when you have a problem

Module 9 –Appraisal Skills

  • What is a formal performance Appraisal?
  • Understanding the concerns of your Employees
  • Your Responsibilities for reviewing performance
  • Where and When it should be held
  • Structuring the meeting
  • Performance ratings
  • Accurate Assessment of performance
  • Setting better Performance Objectives - Golden Rules
  • Encouraging genuine Discussion
  • Listening & Questioning Skills
  • Offering Constructive Feedback
  • Avoiding the common Mistakes supervisors make
  • What to do After the review

Module 10 –Managing Your Time

  • Why you need to manage your time
  • Where does it all go?
  • Using a time log
  • Planning aids
  • Prioritisation
  • Dealing with an impossible deadline
  • Managing time wasters,  interruptions and distractions
  • Some Time saving tips
  • Using Time management to enhance your career


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